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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Hearts The suit of Hearts relates to the emotions. They often represent issues of love, friendship, and close relationships. Ace- Good tiding! The beginning of a relationship, the arrival of a lover, or a new friend. Good news. A love letter. Love and romance.

Two- An enjoyable encounter with another person. Flirtation. Warmth.

Three- A lack of or an inability to commit to a person, place of thing.

Four- Real love. A stable, committed and secure relationship.

Five- Significant change in a relationship. Divorce, separation, or the the loss of a lover.

Six- Healing, peace, and harmony.

Seven- The return of an old flame or friend, usually an unreliable person.

Eight- Strength and intensity in a relationship which may be business or personal.

Nine- Waning more out of a relationship that what there is.

Ten- Romance, love, and prosperity. Possible Marriage.

Jack- A sweet young man who likes to please but who can sometimes be distant.

Queen- An attractive woman who's fun loving facade belies intense passions.

King- A goal-oriented man with a clear vision. Diamonds The suit of Diamonds relate to money and finances. It often represents those things that you value.

Ace- Windfall, receiving something of value. Success and achievement.

Two- Good news regarding money. Improvement in your financial outlook.

Three- Confusion or Indecision regarding money or things of value.

Four- Financial stability and security.

Five- A change in finances for good or bad.

Six- Need to exert control and assume responsibility for your finances.

Seven- A warning of financial trouble. Be careful with your investments.

Eight- An unexpected opportunity that promises to bring gain.

Nine- A financial expense.

Ten- The benefits of money. Enjoyment, health, and abundance.

Jack- A motivated young man who lacks the financial means to bring about his vision.

Queen- A practical and sensible woman. She is resourceful and fun to be around.

King- A successful and easy going man with a talent for making money. Clubs The suit of Clubs is associated with represent creativity, energy, hard work, and rewards. Ace- The birth of an idea or project. Inspiration. Transformation and growth.

​Two- Minor setbacks starting or finishing a project.

Three- Big responsibility with little reward. Stress.

Four- Safety, security, and stability.

Five- Reaping the benefits of hard work. Success and renown.

Six- Putting off work that needs to be completed.

Seven- Goal not working out as planned. Trial and error. Reevaluation.

Eight- Delays and disappointment. Forging ahead despite discouragement.

Nine- Completion of a project or life phase. Rite of passage.

Ten- Change on the horizon. Good fortune awaits.

Jack- An honest, hardworking young man.

Queen- An energetic, driven woman with an eye for detail. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

King- A serious, determined, and level-headed man. He is fair and decisive but gives a lot of consideration before making decisions. Spades The suit of spades represents struggles and the difficulties of life; often associated with secrets, enemies and obstacles. Ace- Change. Endings. The old gives way for something new.

Two- A decision preceded or followed by separation between two people.

Three- Inability to make good choices. Lacking proper information. Stress.

Four- The return of stability to any area it is lacking.

Five- Depression and sadness. Fear of change and the unknown.

Six- A situation needs to be dealt with; courage and action are called for.

Seven- Loss of fear. Ready to do what is needed to make a desire change.

Eight- Crossroads. Controlling circumstances of change rather than being controlled by them.

Nine- Impending loss of a person, place, or thing brings the motivation for change.

Ten- Worry or grief brought on by bad news, ill health, or some kind of loss.

Jack- An quiet, brooding young man. An antisocial troublemaker.

Queen- A clever, self-assured woman. She speaks the truth but lacks the ability to soften her words so that they are not hurtful.

King- A reserved, calculating man. He often holds you accountable for your mistakes but has a desire to teach you responsibility.

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