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Dream Connection Pt. 3

Surgery on any part of your body – Rarely are these dreams to do with your actual health, unless you have a tendency to have precognitive dreams. The precognitive dreams often point to change in the way you care for your body. Hospital dreams are usually symbolic and are to do with changes you’re making in your day to day life.

If you are anaesthetised in your dream there are feelings that you are avoiding, you are not looking at something that is important. Bleeding profusely or feeling pain, there is an area of your life that is out of control, you may feel depleted and need to pay attention to your emotional requirements, you may be overtired and need more rest. You will understand more about what your dream is trying to tell you by relating to how you were feeling during the dream.

Car won’t stop or won’t start – Whenever you dream about a vehicle it is to do with events in your life that feel out of your control, you are unable to make something happen, or unable to stop something that has already started. The brake doesn’t work, the tires go flat, you are unable to get from the back seat to the front seat to steer the car.

Seeing a vehicle in your dream is symbolic for the way you move through life, how you handle experiences. Vehicles symbolise physical experiences, boats symbolise emotional experiences, planes have to do with the mind, the connection with mental experience, rockets and UFO’s are a representation of spiritual experiences.

Driving dreams are quite significant, it is important to look at whether you are driving or are the passenger, how you direct your life is being shown. If you are in the back seat you have to take more responsibility for yourself and assert yourself, take charge of your destiny. If you have a flat tire or tires you may feel you are unable to move forward, and need to rethink your direction and motivation. When the car won’t start in your dream you need more motivation and excitement, you need a project, a goal.

If the brakes don’t work or you are unable to steer the car and feel you may crash, it is time to rethink your behavior slow down, overview your life and tread cautiously. If someone else is driving it is time for you to take charge and make new decisions that are more effective. You may be giving your power away, or your life is careering along out of control. What do you need to do to improve your life, what steps do you need to take to be more effective?

Dream Exercises – Apart from your dream journal, begin a what if journal, this is a journal about what your life would be like if you could write your own dreams. In your journal write down what you would like your dreams to contain, be as vivid as you can, be as creative as you wish. Write about the life you want to lead, with as much detail as you can and add to this journal every day, feel the things you want, visualise the things you want, hear the sounds you want to hear.

Let your imagination run riot, make your life as colourful, loving, abundant, powerful, happy and joyous as your mind will allow it to be. Write about the life you truly want to lead, as you are writing believe you can have anything you desire, believe you will be able to fulfill the destiny you ardently desire. Write down all the qualities you want to have, see yourself possessing them, see yourself living a life you will be proud of. Look at how you want to conduct yourself, do you want to be calmer, more emotionally stable, a clearer thinker?

Do you want to study, learn a another language, change careers, move to a different country? In your journal write with certainty and write effectively as each word on paper counts, each word has a vibration that will affect your life.

Add images to your what if journal, such as photographs of countries you want to visit, the type of home you would like to live in. Have images of the landmarks you want to visit. You may want to sketch images of what it is you desire, or have photographs of the people you love to spend time with. If there are activities you enjoy such as painting, ice-skating, snow skiing, writing, building, running, exercising, driving a car, flying a plane, teaching, healing, place images of these activities in your journal.

The more explicit and vivid your journal, the more real it will feel to you and the greater your belief will be that this is the life you’ll be leading. Above all believe that you have the ability to create the life you want to live, first with your dreams, then with your actions.

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