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Nasya Oil: Ayurvedic Nasal Remedy

Nasya oil is an easy and powerful, centuries old Ayurvedic remedy that works by opening up the nasal passages. Make sure to do your own reseaarch to find out what all it can do for you & how to use it correctly. Keeping our respiration working properly provides many benefits - the most crucial of them being the ability to breathe better and keep our nasal passage clean and healthy. In today's article, let's discuss one such therapy that can help you with better respiration, better sleep, and even relief from allergies!

What is Nasya Oil?

Nasya oil is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy used in India since centuries for cleaning the nasal cavity. It works by putting a specific blend of therapeutic, herbal oils in the nose, and getting the health benefits from using this blend nourishing the nasal passages.

Nasya oil is considered an essential part of the respiratory care in Ayurveda, coming from the perspective that our breath (prana) is the source of life, and our consciousness. Our breath is what gives us the ability to be alive and experience this life, so naturally, by nurturing it, we nurture our body and our life force.

Since our nose is the doorway to life (breath), improving its function and clearing out the toxins also helps in better brain health. Our nose is connected to our brain - hence, nasya oil is used for enhancing brain functions such as memory, sleep, intelligence, focus, clarity, etc. Nasya oil remedy is used for all doshas - kappa, vata, and pitta.

What ingredients does Nasya Oil contain?

In Ayurveda, sesame oil is considered to be the most sacred and beneficial for use in traditional remedies. So, you should look for sesame oil based nasya remedy, and then, it usually contains herbs like brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), skullcap, calamus, and eucalyptus. Some may even contain bit of peppermint essential oil - there are variations, and you can decide whether you want to buy from somewhere or make your own.

What are the benefits of using Nasya Oil?

Nasya oil will help with the following conditions -

1. Soothe and moisturize the nostrils.

2. Promotes healthy, clear breathing.

3. Helps with sinuses by clearing out the excess mucus.

4. Helps with allergies, dry eyes, runny eyes, etc.

5. Promotes better sleep - esp. for those who have dry nose and can't breathe properly, thus impacting their sleep.

6. Enhances whole-body healing and detoxification.

7. Helps our brain by improving cognitive functions like memory, focus, calmness, etc.

8. Helps the throat clear of excess mucus and bacteria. Will also help with tonsils.

9. Helps with stress and promotes sleep - by massaging the nasal cavity with warm nasya oil, you are going to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

10. Nasya oil will also help soothe sore throat, dry throat and helps improve the quality of your vocal chords (voice).

11. Helps with the stiffness and pain of jaw, head, throat, and neck.

12. Helps with headache and migraines.

How to use for best benefits -

It is easy to use nasya oil for all the amazing benefits listed above. Your nasya oil will come with clear instructions but if not, here is how Ayurveda advices to use nasya oil -

1. Sit or even better lie down in a comfortable position and avoid any distractions.

2. Tilt your head backwards, and take a few drops (about 5 drops max.) of the nasya oil in the dropper and put in each nostril and inhale.

3. It is best to close one nostril while putting the oil drops in another.

4. Do not get up immediately - it takes time for the oil to travel back the nasal passage. Remain lying down for about 15-20 mins.

5. Best time to do it is right before bedtime - so you can stay in bed and will not get up.

Who should NOT use Nasya Oil?

1. Women who are pregnant should NOT use it.

2. People suffering from cold because the oil may pull the toxins like bacteria and not be able to pass through properly for full detoxification - thus increasing the infection.

3. Do NOT use nasya oil remedy along with neti pot cleansing.

4. Do not use it mixed with water - use the oil as is in your nose.

5. Children below 7 yrs of age are advised not to be given nasya oil.

6. People older than 80 yrs of age should not use it.

My simple recipe for nasya is as follows:

Use a small glass bottle or jar, about 5-10 mL

Fill bottle about 2/3 full of unroasted sesame oil (don't use a cooking oil, get one sold for body)

2 drops eucalyptus oil

1 drop peppermint oil

1 drop niaouli oil (can substitute with tea tree oil)

Top up bottle with sesame oil, close, and shake to combine oils.

Use organic oils whenever possible

NOTE: depending on your sensitivity to essential oils, you may want to put half the amount of essential oils. The nasya will still provide excellent benefits. I like my nasya oil a bit on the stronger side.

*Disclaimer to the reader this might not interest you or be according to your beliefs. Read with an open mind to accept what you can accept and not accept what you cannot accept in peace and please keep your comments respectful.

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