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A Sweetening Jar

The purpose of this folk medicine honey jar ritual is to sweeten the transformations that are coming to you - those you are actively manifesting and those that you may be fearing/resisting/denying.

You'll need a glass jar with a lid, honey (sugar or maple syrup also work), and paper.

Prepare the jar for your ritual by rinsing it with water and salt. Take a few moments to meditate, shifting your awareness to breath and body, imagining your energy dropping down from mind to heart, belly, feet, earth.

Write down a dream or wish for good fortune, success, love, wealth, etc. Roll up the paper and place it in the jar, then fill the jar with honey (or your choice of sweetener).

Place the jar near where you sleep and infuse it with a simple spell:

As I intend, so let it be.

The sweetness comes here to me.

For the good of all and harm to none, So mote it be.

Open to a sweetness infusing your whole being as you rest and dream. After a Full Moon , you can seal your jar with candle wax and bury it.

If it doesn't work for you to actually perform the ritual, you can do it through imaginative

meditation: sitting with eyes closed and imaging a jar of honey in your hands filled with your dreams and spells.)

*Disclaimer to the reader this might not interest you or be according to your beliefs. Read with an open mind to accept what you can accept and not accept what you cannot accept in peace and please keep your comments respectful.

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