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A short course in scrying by Benjamin Rowe

Updated: Feb 5, 2022


Several folks have sent messages asking me to post some instructions on learning to skry. Since doing the job right will take a while, I'm going to do it in sections, as I have the time. Here's a rough outline of what needs to be covered, IMO:

1. Preliminaries

- Relaxation

- Concentration

2. Creating a “Refuge” or “Sacred Space”

- General considerations

- Establishing the space

- Establishing your “astral” body in the space

- The “surprise me” technique

- The “magick mirror”

- Pathworking

3. Testing your visions

4. Applying these skills to Enochian magick.

For some parts of this I can adapt things I've already written for other contexts; for other parts, I'll be starting from scratch, and may need a few iterations before I have something I feel comfortable posting. So the posts in the series are likely to be erratic. No one should hesitate to ask questions if anything isn't clear; I know my prose gets cumbersome at times.

To read the book click the link:

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