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Witchcraft for the New Year Part 3

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

New Year's Eve & Day Spiritual Practices

Thoroughly clean your home. Get rid of dust, grime, excess, and junk. Mop your floors with hyssop water (or any spiritual cleansing wash of your preference) ... preferably do this on December 30th

Light incense and walk through your house from the back to the front door to gently guide the previous year's energy from your home and into the annals of Time

Make or energize protective wards on your home

Open your front door (and windows, if you'd

like) on New Year's Day. Say "welcome" to the fresh energy entering your home and declare that only goodness can cross the threshold

Light a candle and ask for the nascent year to bring positivity, love, happiness, peace, protection, wealth, and good health to you and your family

Place an image of Janus, the Roman namesake god of January, on your altar (if you feel comfortable doing so)

Ring bells, use noisemakers, or shake rattles to usher in the new year

Ring bells, use noisemakers, or shake rattles to usher in the new year

Make a vision board for your New Year's goals and resolutions

Do divination or pull tarot cards on NYE to give you guidance on the new year

Pray at dawn outside on January 1st to bless this new trip around the Sun

Dress up nicely and wear your best accessories, jewelry, makeup etc to demonstrate the success, beauty, and joy that you will manifest in the coming days and months

Wear white, silver, blue, green, or gold to symbolize newness and prosperity

Make a nice meal to set the precedent of abundance

Eat a cupcake or a bowl of ice cream that has been decorated with gold sprinkles to symbolize coming wealth

Take a spiritual bath or smoke cleanse yourself to clear away negative habits, toxic behaviors & connections, and stagnant energy from yourself

On NYE, rub an uncooked egg over your head and body and then flush it (place it in the bowl intact) down the toilet to release yourself from unhealthy bonds and / or sexual connections

Drink mint tea or ginger tea to energize and invigorate your personal vibration

Participate in New Year's traditions from your own culture to fortify the bond between yourself and your ancestors

May you Have a blessed New Year!

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