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Wash Your Spiritual Ass! Published by theherbalistbruja

I know the title has you side eyeing and that’s ok…but before you shut down hear me out beloved. Not only am I about to explain why cleanses are important, but I’ll be giving you tips and a couple of herbal blend recipes.

I can’t begin to tell you how many clients have came to me with issues that could have been prevented by properly cleansing and protecting. As soon as you leave your home you’re exposed to an unending amount of energy. From your mean ass boss who hates his job and employees, to the woman who walked past you that’s grieving, to the child playing in front of your home, we pick up EVERYTHAAAANG.

For the spiritual beings who are newer on their journey, let me explain why good spiritual hygiene is important. The energy you pick up is just like the germs and dirt you come across through out the day. Just like you wash the dirt off you before getting into bed, we have to wash the spiritual germs off the same way. Would you go a month without bathing? Now imagine what all your spirit has been holding on to. How have you been feeling lately?

Are you more exhausted than usual?

Are you irritable and snapping at folks easily?

Is your mood low and you can’t explain why?

These are all signs that it’s time to wash your spiritual ass!

Cleansings should be done once a week, if that’s not possible than at least every 2 weeks. Once you start getting into a month, two months, three months you’re going to start feeling the repercussions of not properly cleansing yourself.

One mistake I made when I was new on my journey was thinking because I wasn’t doing spiritual work I could get away not cleansing as much. Big mistake. Once you begin meditating and praying at your altar you’re opening yourself up. This means you’re not only exposed to the energy and spirits outside, but inside as well.

I understand life is hectic. We don’t always have the time we need to create big, elaborate spiritual baths. Don’t let social media fool you into believing you need 21 candles and 40 herbs in your bath. There are various baths you can create quickly to ensure you’re getting your cleansing in.

A few tips for cleansing

Plan for the future – When creating your herbal blends, mix enough for more than one bath and store it in a jar. Being proactive instead of reactive will really help on the days you’re exhausted.

Less is more – it’s not necessary to pour a cup of herbs for one bath. It’s a waste of herbs and money. 3 tablespoons of herbs per gallon of water will suffice.

Dip baby – that cleanse needs to touch everything, from the top of your head, to the top of your toes. That means if you’re taking a bath, dip baby, if it’s a shower, pour over your head.

Just do it – stop looking for reasons to put the bath off. You’ll feel so much better after it’s done, you’ll sleep like a baby and be ready to conquer the world when you wake up.

Don’t boil your herbs – once your water starts boiling, take the water off, add your herbs, and steep until the water cools. Whether you strain the herbs or not is up to you.

Wash your ass first – cleansing baths are not to clean your body. Take a shower to remove dirt and grime, then cleanse.

Here’s a few recipes to get you started.

Cleansing Bath 1

1 part bay leaves

1 part rosemary

1 part mint

1 part rue

1 part eucalyptus

Cleansing Bath 2

1 part mint

1 part lavender

1 part eucalyptus

1 part rosemary

Cleansing bath 3

1 part dried orange peel

1 part dried lemon peel

1 part lavender

1 part mint

1 part rose petals

Cleansing bath 4

1 part salt

1 part bay

1 part rue

1 part rosemary

1 part dried lemon

Cleansing Bath 5

1 part Rue

1 part Hyssop

1 part Basil

1 part would equal

whatever measurement you’re using. Ie, if you’re using tablespoons 1 part would be a tablespoon, if you’re using cups, 1 part would be a cup.

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