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PERSONAL CONCERNSWhat Are Personal Concerns?

Personal Concerns is a term used to include anything that is associated with a person’s physical body either having once been a part of it or having intimate contact to the body. Their use in magick is based on the theory of contagious magick which states that “things once in contact with one another continue to exert an influence on one another after they have been separated.” Personal Concerns represent a practitioner's connection to another individual and are used to cast spells for good or evil which are to have an affect on the person to whom they are linked. Types of Personal Concerns Generally speaking, the more intimate and personal a link is to the individual the more powerful it is regarded. The most powerful concerns originate inside the body and decrease in strength as you move away from the body. There are several types of personal concerns they are: Bodily Fluids Bodily Waste Body Cast-Offs Soiled Clothing Representations Impressions Sundries Bodily Fluids are liquids which are inside all living things and are usually necessary to maintain life. Examples include, Blood Semen Vaginal Secretions Saliva Bodily Waste includes any matter that is discharged from the body, such as Urine Feces Body Cast-Offs are things that were once a part of the body but which are not necessary to maintain life and which have become separated from the body. Hair Fingernails Dried Skin Teeth Soiled Clothing refers to any previously worn and unwashed article of clothing which belongs to the individual. Intimate Apparel such as underwear, socks, and panty-hose General Apparel such as shirts, pants, and skirts. Representations refers to those things which resemble the individual. Photographs Drawings Impressions include anything that leaves an impression of the individual. Person's Signature Dirt Lifted from a Footprint Body Measure Sundries Business Card Newspaper clipping Something Owned or Touched by individual Individual's name written on paper How Personal Concerns Are Deployed There are a number of ways in which personal concerns are used in magick, some of which include: Incorporated into a doll. Folded into a written-petition. Included in a mojo bag. Wound inside a jack ball. Incorporated into a charm or talisman. Included in a packet. Hidden in food. Sealed in a Honey Jar.

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