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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Ingredients –

· Jar to hold contents

· Twine to hold the spell together

· Sand and shells for attraction of your intentions

· Egg shells for strength and new beginnings

· Sage to promote wisdom and to overcome


· Rosemary to enhance memory and attain youth

· Cloves to attract good luck and prosperity, to keep good friends close, and to prevent gossip

· Basil for wealth, protection, and love

· Mint for wealth, strength, and travel safety

· Lavender to sharpen the mind, to encourage or strengthen pure love

· Allspice for healing, increased energy and determination

· White willow Bark for overall blessings

· Bay Leaves for protection against misfortunes

· Lemon balm for love/anti-depressant

· Rose petals for love, happiness, and protection against the evil eye

· Sea salt for purity

· Optional: Crystal quarts for overall purity; a list of everything you want to accomplish in the new year; a coin or dollar if you really want $$$; tea light; any tokens of luck you may want like a lucky penny, a garden stone with your favorite lucky sigil, etc.

Timing –

· At the end of the Wiccan year – before Samhain, or in December. You could also personalize it and make the jar at any time of the year whenever you may need it, preferably under a full moon.

Instructions –

· Optional – Meditate and caste a circle beforehand.

· Take your jar and fill it up with the ingredients you have chosen, make sure you have purified them beforehand. Visualize their use (you can add anything else to your jar that deems useful to you). I would make the sea salt and sand your base.

· Light the tea light inside the jar and kindly request from your respective deities their guidance in the new year:

(Insert your respective deities here) thank you for the divine guidance you have provided for me this year. Please let the world around me be pure next year as you have since the beginning of time itself. In your almighty name(s), so be it (Or anything from the heart).

· Dip the ends of your twine in the candle wax to “seal loose ends”

· Extinguish the flame by putting the lid on your jar, tie twine around the lid

· Put the completed spell jar in your room, somewhere you will see it throughout the day. Whenever you are feeling that life isn’t quite going your way, light the candle inside the jar and meditate. Refresh every year by either replacing the contents or re-charging it with a blessing.

You can really just use any herbs lying around… Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have white willow bark lying around. I’m going to give these spell jars to my friends before Christmas break as presents. If you want to do so, just think about the people you want to influence rather than yourself while doing the spell. Blessed New Year!

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