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Faeries and Elves Pt. 5

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Pixies are particularly capricious and love teasing travellers, hiding their travellers cheques, maps, suitcase keys, airline tickets, they have even been known to change hotel bookings so that when you arrive the staff are not expecting you. Have you ever taken a long drive, had a picnic and been unable to find your car keys when it is time to return home? And they find it even funnier if two people start to argue, when one is adamant they made the booking and the other person doesn’t believe them. And on those days where everything goes wrong no matter what you do, be assured a fairy is in close proximity.

All fairies have a childlike energy which is why humans feel so good around them and enjoy their energy. fairies are drawn to positive loving energies and offended by unpleasant people and loud noises. All fairies are luminescent and all fairies get a kick out of teasing humans.

Fairies reside happily in the Otherworld, in this place they are comfortable, safe, carefree and able to practice their magic. Gnomes prefer to live in the earth under oak trees, liking dense forests, some fairies can also be found in these habitats. The original fairies are the Sidhe, the word means hills and fairy, they lived in the hills. The dark elves are most comfortable in the lower world, living underground. The light elves are most comfortable in the upper world, while all elves and fairies are drawn to every aspect of nature. Leprechauns prefer to make their homes in abandoned burrows, hollow trees, caves with openings that are hidden by bushes and trees. Leprechauns like to inhabit places that do not draw attention to them, allowing them to blend into their environment thus remaining apart from humans.

To attract elves and fairies to you, pay attention to your garden, they love flowers, plants and trees. They also love water features and fish ponds and when they are near you will have a sense of wellbeing and happiness, providing of course you treat them with kindness. They will help you to attain your personal and professional goals, maintain your health, attract abundance, awaken spiritually and have greater understanding of all there is. If you don’t treat them with the deference they expect, be assured there will be mayhem in your life, you won’t be able to do right for doing wrong and you will never find your car keys.

The correct way to refer to these magical creatures is “the good folk,” or “the gentry,” they actually prefer to initiate contact with humans. They love music, celebrations, dancing, gifts and they especially like gifts of fresh food and drink. The more flowers you have planted in your garden the more likely you are to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies, this will be a magnet for elves and fairies.

Follow tradition and give your first and last piece of fruit to the elves and fairies as a gift, they like to be recognised for their efforts in controlling crops. When you leave your gifts out for the elves and fairies, speak out loud to them, letting them know you are sincere in your offering. The magical creatures absorb the essence of the food, so when you find it the next day, bury it immediately. The favorite food of elves and fairies is fresh milk, butter, fruit, vegetables, bread, cake, quality mead or brew. The best way to attract elves and fairies is to treat them with consideration and respect, give out the energy you expect to receive, positive loving energy will be reciprocated.

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