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Faeries and Elves Pt. 4

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The winged fairies are the air fairies and considered to be the messengers between the mortal and the Otherworld, they are lighter than air, they move between the mundane and the divine. Dragonflies, hummingbirds and butterflies are air fairies, eagles, owls, swans and ravens are said to be the closest birds to the fairy realm. Winged fairies generally give humans a wide birth, although you can be assured of seeing one if there is a special message meant for you. Fairy wings are made of energy, light and magic, they represent ethereal forces flowing through the fairy bodies. Types of air fairies, ganconers, sylphs, ganconaughs, seelis and corrigans.

Fire fairies come in two forms, the fire sprites who give off light and fire fairies, magical creatures related to dragons, they derive their magical power from the fire. They look like sparks of light travelling through the night. These fairies are not hot like fire, they are like a shining red light glowing, their light is considered divine. Types of fire fairies, salamanders, fire drakes, fire sprites, shining ones, fire feys, drakes, drachen and draks.

Water fairies are called kelpies and sirens, sirens capture lovers by singing to them and drawing love towards them. Once the lover is captured they are dragged down into the depths of the ocean where they die. Water fairies often take the shape of swans, because swans are able to fly through the sky and swim in the water, they have the ability to connect the water element with the air element. Undines are known as water elven, they live in crystal palaces in the deepest lakes. Water sprites move from one world to the other and when on land shape shift into tiny red cattle with no horns. Types of water fairies, mermaids, alvens, mermen and water sprites.

All fairies are shape shifters and the largest number of fairies are earth fairies, air fairies are found in the wind and the breeze, wherever there is heat and light you will find fire fairies, within rain, snow, the morning dew, any body of water and hail, you will find water fairies. By connecting with the four elements you will be able to get in touch with the different types of fairy energies and the best time to commune with fairy energy is when the veil between the mortal and fairy world is the finest, this is between dusk and dawn.

Faiiries have a generally mischievous energy and love to play tricks on humans, especially if the human is greedy and places great importance on acquisitions. Fairies often take items belonging to a human and hide it away for a time, giggling as they watch the person searching for it. When a significant amount of time has gone by, they return the item to the exact place they first found it. And if someone is unkind or grumpy or treats someone unkindly, a fairy will spill something on their clothes, turn the light out when they are reading, hide their reading glasses, turn the hot water off when they are showering, hide their keys, pinch one sock or hide one shoe. Their greatest fun is had watching the frustration of a grumpy, clueless human, searching for a lost item or wondering where the mark on their clean outfit came from.

How often have you found your jewellery all tangled after you left it neatly arranged, your new car battery goes flat, your wallet carefully left in your wardrobe is missing and where on earth is the remote control? If you can see the humour in these annoying instances, the fairies will warm to you and feel more kindly disposed towards you.

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