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Faeries and Elves Pt. 3

Elves are quite mysterious creatures, they like to dance and can be very playful and have a certain dynamic that can draw mortals to them. Dusk is the time to see elves, you will find them in the forest at dusk, they love the Moon and celebrate when the Moon rises.

fairy magic reaches us in weird and wonderful ways, treated with respect and kindness they are benevolent creatures, if treated badly they can be the most malevolent creatures. All fairies have the power to change their shape, shape shifting is a handy tool if they are being pursued or have been captured and want to escape their bonds. Because fairies are shape shifters they can appear in any form they choose, they can appear as a glowing mist or a light. Water elves appear as green and blue, while woodland fairies are green and brown, wood elves are fair skinned with dark brown hair, while the Selkies have black eyes and long blue black hair, they are very slender and shimmer silver. Some elves and fairies live in groups and are quite social, while others are solitary and prefer to be left alone.

Elves and fairies are gifted illusionists, they can appear old, young, big, small, they play beautiful music and have exquisite magical singing voices that transfix the listener. They are capable of seeing through the Earth, those who live in groups travel together and Elvin or fairy groups vary in size, ranging from very large or no more than half a dozen. If an elf or fairy is angered they can be quite mean, if they witness an act of kindness they can be the most benevolent creatures on the face of the Earth. All fairies love to dance and play games, they also have a great sense of fun and can’t resist playing practical jokes on each other and on humans.

Elves, trolls and dwarves are all considered part of the fairy world in modern culture, whereas ancient beliefs deemed fairies to be apart from all other creatures. There are many varieties of fairies which include, water fairies – water sprites, selkies, alvens, amnwn, sirens and nymphs. Forest fairies – corrigans, dryads, oakman and sidhe draoi. Household fairies – Billy Blin, brownies, hobgoblins, kobolds, pixies and redcaps. Brownies are a type of house elf or fairy that inhabits people’s homes, they complete unfinished jobs, look after household pets, they bring good luck to a home. A word of warning, make sure you don’t offend them or chaos will ensue, tread very carefully, they are extremely touchy, treat them with care and consideration.

Dryads are earth fairies and are particularly beautiful fairies, tall and slender, they have an intricate pattern down one side of their body, representing the parent (mother tree), their hair is shaded fairy-princess-5green, brown and copper, with streaks of white and gold, it is magnificent, very long often extending to their ankles and wild. They are known as nymphs of the forest. All elves and fairies have a connection with the earth with most fairies being earth fairies. They can generally be found in the most private and remote places, glens, fruit orchids, forests, gardens, berry patches, caves, mines, rock outcroppings, fields, meadows, thickets and monoliths. Types of earth fairies are, gnomes, trows, elves, dryads, green men and women, nappees, spriggins, buccas and pillywiggins.

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