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Book: Grimoire of Chaos Magick by Julian Wilde

The purpose of this book/manual is solely to aid the reader in his/her unfolding/developing/inner growth/individuation. This magickal process must inevitably be accompanied by some pain, doubt and disillusionment. We have endured

(but so far SURVIVED!) years of conditioning and repression and to break free from this protective but limiting shell is an act of courage and perhaps for some of us, an act of desperation.

Modern life, as lived by most of us, seems to conspire against our being 'awake'. The robotic self, originally evolved as a necessary/defensive element of human consciousness, has now become almost too efficient, assuming more and more

authority and allowing us to sleep far more than is 'good' for us, for instance, to drive a car adequaely whilst engaged in conversation. Difficulties arise when the robot begins to operate where/when it is not necessary/appropriate, undermining free will and narrowing our choice of alternative attitudes/decisions/actions.

It is the author's sincere wish that this manual will be of help on your journey. All concepts/rituals/practiques/belief-patterns contained herein are presented as working models only, awaiting your personal touch to be experiences, explored, understood, altered and ultimately transcended. The book may at first glance appear to contain much that is theoretical/conceptual and a lesser amount of hard, sharply-defined practical work. This is not so - what you bring to the exercises by way or attitude/approach has great bearing on the ultimate results. It is perhaps worth repeating that the chaos-activity presented here is deliberately open-ended, purposely susceptible to adaption/transformation. This book is merely your ticket and programme for the great game - YOU are the main action.

Click on the link to read the book:

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