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Book: Gay Witchcraft: Empowering the Tribe by Christopher Penczak

When Christopher Penczak acknowledged that he was Gay, he felt betrayed by the Catholic Church of his childhood and turned away from any religious expression. When he was introduced to Witchcraft, he found a spiritual path that honored and embraced him. Now he has written a book of clearheaded theory and practice that is bound to become a classic. With Gay Witchcraft Penczak joins the ranks of his forebears in spirit, gay writers who have taken a tradition and made it home for queer folk. Penczak has gathered all he's learned in his studies of Wicca from a homocentric perspective and created Gay Witchcraft, a book of theory and spiritual practices of witchcraft for the gay community. Chapters include - Good Witch of the West, The Secret History, Queer Myth, Animal Language, Love Magick, Turning the Wheel of the Year, and Rites of Passage.

Click on the link to read the book:

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