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Publisher: Jeff Stewart Dixon (February 3, 2023)

Language‎: English

Paperback: 382 pages

The juggernaut follow-up Spirituality for Badasses Book 2 takes you across the country through a clockwork of profound mysteries, heart-racing dangers, high-octane adventures, and mind-altering spiritual experiences. Join J., Lenny, and a whole new cast of characters, guides, and teachers on an epic, life-changing road trip that gets you up close and personal with both the outer and inner limits of your own spiritual badass heart and soul.

“Before we continue, I want to begin this chapter with a gentle preemptive warning about an erroneous expectation you might have: We won’t be speeding through a bunch of quick fixes, exercises, or techniques—if that’s what you’re expecting. The genuine, deep-end process for spiritual badass awakening takes time, courage, and patience. The pacing is slower, and the buildup is longer. But the payoff, as you’ll soon find out, is huge. So—take a deep breath, find your inner space of awareness, slow down, and enjoy…”

Fair Warning- Book 2 Contains: Self-shattering wisdom, cursing language, hallucinogenic drugs, casinos, guns, thugs, iguanas, dragons, owls, irreverent humor, fast cars, motorcycles, life-changing insights, emotional button pushing, death and hot air balloons. You’ve now been forewarned, chided, guided, prophesied, predicted, and spiritually advised: Here, there be many…fire breathing dragons.

From Talladega, Alabama––to Kansas City, Kansas––to Las Vegas, Nevada––to Lake County, California… you, J. Lenny, and friends encounter your deepest sense of existential angst, your greatest inner fears and shadows, your truest-highest inner self and finally, one poignant, paradoxical, unnerving, and earth-shattering truth––about, behind and above it all.

I never said this spiritual badass shit was easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh, cry and shout from the top of our lungs at the world about all of it. A big fist-bump and two shots of tequila for returning! Welcome back, badass!

Let the adventure continue!...

Spirituality for Badasses Book Two: How to find your heart and soul without losi

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