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Publisher: Independently published (July 14, 2023)

Language: English

Paperback: 460 pages

Hardback: 460 pages

Will come with a personal message specifically for the buyer ( buyers name will be in the message ) and the signature of the author of the book.

A comprehensive guide to uncover the Shadow Self and become whole as your Authentic Self. Guided with prompts for Inner Child Soothing, Healing & Growth. This Shadow Work Journal and Workbook will help prepare you for reflecting on your weaknesses, energy blocks, and other potential 'shadows' that may not present themselves easily for the purpose of raising them to a conscious high-level in order to best work through them. It's time to bring your Shadow Self into the light your shadow makes you feel unworthy and causes you to react negatively to others. By looking into how you have created this shadow, you not only uncover hidden fears, but learn to heal past traumas. Whether you are new on this path or experienced in working with your inner child, this journal and workbook will get you going DEEP into the buried darkness within your being so that you can give it a great big hug. You will start to release wounds kept from childhood, discover memories you have hidden from yourself and learn to love your whole self. You will regain the strength to set boundaries to protect yourself while allowing yourself to be happy in a way you never imagined. Are you ready to grow in the hardest and most rewarding way possible, healing your trauma, discovering your purpose and uniting with your divine feminine and masculine spirit? Then this Shadow Work and Workbook is for you.

In this journal and workbook you will: Find over a 100 journal prompts to explore your shadow self.

My Shadow Work Journey: Shadow Work and Workbook

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