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Children Lava Rock Stone Braceletlava beads are porous and can absorb your favorite essential oils well; Place a drop of essential oil on the lava beads on the bracelet, and the scent will slowly spread and linger for a whole dayMaterial: each chakras bracelet is made of lava rock stones, which possess low density and is light weight; Its cool feeling in hands can mentally keep you calmed down.Strong elastic rope, durable and not easy to break, comfortable and convenient to wear, suitable for kids age 2-7 years old8 mm black fengshui obsidian style beaded bracelet with a Pi Xiu brass beadMeaningful symbol: each round loose bead is carved with meaningful symbol like Om Mani Padme, which means wisdom, kindness, and happiness; And Pi Xiu is a traditional symbol of protection, luck and richness in Asia, helping to bring fortune, good tidings and protection to his owner*Bracelets are Universal size

Children Lava Rock Stone Bracelet

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