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18 Pcs Tarot Cards with Guide Book

Includes: 1 Deck of 78 Cards 、6 Mini Crystal Jars,7 Chakra Stones, 1 Spirit Pendulum,1 Cloth ,1Goddess of Earth Pendulum mat,1 Velvet Bag

6 Mini Crystal Spell Jars And 7 Chakra Stones:6 Kinds Of Mini Crystal Spell Jars Contain 6 Kinds Of Gem Fragments, Namely Amethyst; Black obsidian; Pink Crystal; White Crystal; Yellow Crystal; Tiger’S Eye. 7 Chakra Stones Include: Clear Quartz; Amethyst; Lapis Lazuli; Rose Quartz; Tiger’S Eye; Black Obsidian; orange aventurine;Suitable For Beginners And Experienced Witches To Magic Altars, And Decorations In Life.

78 Tarot Cards Deck:Tarot cards are made of premium materials, very easy to shuffle, with great hand feel, with 78 different pattern designs, you can explore destiny with your friends in the world of tarot cards.Explore the yesterday, today and the future,perfect for beginners and tarot cards lovers.It patented by our company and have registered copyright.

Multidimensional protection: We have a durable velvet bag that protects the Tarot card is not affected by negative energy, in addition to this, with 7 Chakra Stones, each crystal is full of positive energy, it can be better adjust your Chakra, bring you full positive energy.

Mystic Fortune Telling Toys Set: Our Fortune Telling To