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The Tarot- Card Meanings

The Fool's Journey

The Fool's Journey is a metaphor for the journey of the individual through life. However it is also an allegorical story found in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. It begins with 0 The Fool and each successive card represents a stop along that journey ending with 21 The World. The Fool's Journey also refers to an individual's study of the tarot. To take this journey you will need 1) a deck of tarot cards and 2) a notebook. Beginning with 0 The Fool and progressing through the Major Arcana and then the Minor Arcana, contemplate one card per day. In your notebook, you will want to take notes about the following things: Picture of the Card Description of the Card Symbols on the Card (animals, trees, mountains, etc.) Dominant Colors Body Language Facial Expressions Activities being done You can also make note of anything else that you notice or want to remember. Save room to add more information later. Whenever you're having trouble trying to decide what a card means for you, you may want to imagine yourself as one of the people in the cards. Put yourself in their place and imagine what you might be feeling and thinking if you were in their position. In other instances I've told students to imagine the specific card as a work of art hanging in a museum and think about what they believe the artist was trying to convey with the imagery of the card. I do not suggest that you contemplate more than one card per day. If you find yourself getting frustrated or overwhelmed with the study, it is perfectly all-right to skip a day here and there. However, once you start the journey I believe that it is important that you finish. Once you have contemplated the entire deck, you have your very own list of Tarot Correspondences from which you will draw upon when doing readings for yourself and others.

The Major Arcana

0 The Fool

An androgynous figure carrying a knapsack and holding a white flower is about to step off a cliff while a little dog barks at his feet. Although it is a bright, sunny day, there are snow covered mountains in the background.

Meaning: A card of fresh starts and new beginnings. I always interpret this as a positive card, however, there is a warning to look before you leap and to listen to your intuition/spirit guides. The Fool is numbered zero and I always see this zero as a #cosmic egg inside of which lies unlimited potential. I always interpret this as a positive card. In some cases it is a sign that you should throw caution to the wind, be fearless, and take a leap of faith!

In Magic: Candle Magic (The Sun as Fire Symbol), Mojo Bags (the bundle), Herbs (the flower), Magnetic Scotty Dogs, Dog Hair (the white dog)

1 The Magician

A male figure in red and white robes stand outside before a table on which lies the symbols of the four Tarot suits (wand, cup, sword, pentacle). His belt is a snake eating is own tail and over his head floats the symbol for infinity. In his right hand he raises a wand towards the heavens while he points to the earth below with his left hand. Before the table are white lilies and red roses.

Meaning: A card of who knows, dares, wills, and keeps silent. A powerful will. Someone who knows how to get results in this world and in the realm of spirit. Exerting the will but detaching from the end result.

In Magic: Any Element (the four tools), Rose Petals (the Roses), Snake Sheds (the snake belt).

2 The High Priestess

A female figure in flowing blue robes sits between the pillars Boaz and Jachin. A veil hangs behind her, on it are images of pomegranates. Her headpiece vaguely resembles the three moon phases. There is a solar-cross on her chest. In her lap she holds a scroll labeled Tora and at her feet lays a waxing crescent moon.

Meaning: Spiritual Balance. She is intuitive, psychic, and deeply spiritual. Female mysteries. Inner awareness. Some say the veil represents virginity, but I've interpreted this as being spiritually clean or a need to be spiritually clean. The High Priestess can represent a female teacher.

In Magic: Reversing Candles (the Pillars), Psalms & Seals (the Torah), Talismans (the Cross on her chest), Waxing Moon (the crescent at her feet).

3 The Empress

A female-figure wearing a long robe is resting comfortably in a field of wheat. Behind her is a row of trees and to the right there is a stream of water which nourishes her fields. She wears a crown of 12 stars and is holding up a scepter. Before her on a heart-shaped shield is the symbol for the planet Venus (which doubles as a symbol for women).

Meaning: The Empress represents fertility in all its aspects. Pregnancy, comfort, platonic love. In a reading it can represent one's mother or a mother figure.

In Magic: Herbs associated with Love, Attraction, Prosperity such as Queen Elizabeth, Damiana, etc...; Spiritual Baths/Water (the stream), Bread (the wheat), Mirrors and Mirror Boxes (the symbol of Venus. Doll Babies (the stuffed pillows).

4 The Emperor

An old man sits upon a throne of stone embellished with rams. He has long white hair and a white beard. Upon his head is a golden-crown. In his left-hand he is holding a scepter and in his right hand he is holding a golden orb. Beneath his red tunic he is wearing armor. Behind him the sky is orange and there are mountains in the distance.

Meaning: The Emperor is a man of worldly power in business, politics, or the military. He is a wise man of action who has worked hard to obtain his position. He is stable, wise, and offers good advice. He can represent a male role model such as one'...s father, uncle, or an unrelated mentor (especially in business). In terms of timing, I associate this card with the month of March and spring time due to the rams (Aries) which appear on his thrown.

In Magic: King Solomon Products, Crown of Success (the Crown), Road Opener, Oranges, Orange Leaves (Orange Background), Commanding Oil, Commanding herbs (licorice root)

5 The Hierophant

A man wearing a triple crown and long, red and white vestments sits upon a thrown between two pillars. In his left hand is a staff ending in a triple-crown and with his right hand he makes a sign of blessing. At his feet are two crossed-keys and kneeling before him are two priests.

Meaning: Whereas the High Priestess represents Spirituality, the Hierophant represents religion, the religion of the masses. He sits between two pillars boaz and jachin before him are two crossed keys symbolizing the keys to the kingdom of heaven and the promise of eternal life but at the price of adhering to the rules of the religion. In this regard, the high priest is the Sargent at Arms enforcing the rules of religion. The Hierophant is ultimately concerned with things of the spirit, but his immediate concern is the material world in which he must live. Make no mistake, however, he is a man of spiritual power and wisdom. He can open doors for you or slam them in your face.

In Magic: The Power of Prayer, Sigils and Magic Gestures (blessing sign made by Pope), Unblocking, Working with St. Peter, Crossroads, Crossroads Dirt, (crossed keys)

6 The Lovers

A bright, shining Sun shines down on an angelic figure issuing forth from a cloud with arms extended. S/he looks down over a nude couple. Behind the man is the Tree of Life bearing 12 fruits and behind the woman is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the serpent entwined upon it.

Meaning: I sometimes interpret this card as a desire to make a profound connection in one's life. That connection can be with another human being, an animal, with one's self, or a higher power. It can also represent meditation on one's choices. In other readings it can represent attraction, love, partnership, freedom and innocence.

In Magic: Sex Magic, Working with Angels, Penis/Vagina Candles, Adam and Eve Root, Snake Sheds, Human Figure Candles, Marriage Candles, Apples, Sweeteners (apple is a natural sweetener)

7 The Chariot

A crowned-figure stands upon a chariot drawn by two sphinxes, one white and one black, who are both at rest. There is a curtain of stars above his head and a city in the background.

Meaning: This is a card of conquest and control. It implies success in one's endeavors or movement on the question asked. This is the card of the soldier and there are subtle clues here that speak to balance between mind and body. This card boils down to the control of power. Are you in control of your life, or is life in control of you? I sometimes associate this card with astrology and the movement of the planets. In this regard it may indicate a need for the individual to consult an astrologer or their astrological chart. In my experience, this card often appears along with the wheel of fortune when the seeker is nearing their Saturn Return

In Magic: Road Opener, Magnetic Scotty Dogs, Spell Boxes /Bottles (the square on the rider's chest), jewelry as talismans, bird's feathers (the winged symbol on the front of the chariot). Safe Travel workings as well as Crucible of Courage and the products associated with them.

8 Strength

A Woman dressed in a long white robe and over whose head hangs the symbol of infinity (see The Magician) has subdued a lion and is closing his jaws.

Meaning: This is a card of unwavering faith and spiritual ecstasy which allows one to accomplish physical task (think a mother lifting a car off her child). It represents overcoming addictions and one's animal nature. This is the card of the social activist standing up to greed and injustice. Sometimes this card comes up as someone who is mocked for their beliefs (the lion sticking out his tongue at the woman).

In Magic: The Colors Yellow, Orange, and Green; Dandelion Root (the lion) Deer's Tongue, Cow Tongue (the lion's tongue)

9 The Hermit

An old man stands atop a cold mountain. He has a rod in one hand and with the other he holds forth a lamp, inside which shines a 6-rayed star.

Meaning: This is the card of the introvert, the wise elder. It can indicate a need to meditate on one's problems, to see the wisdom of one's elders/mentors, wise-council, and the search for "God"

In Magic: Candle Magic, Magic Lamps (the lantern), Cooling Herbs (the cold); Meditation and Prayer.

10 The Wheel of Fortune

A large wheel is the focal point of this card. Atop it sits a Sphinx holding a sword, to its left is a snake, and on its lower right another figure has the wheel upon his back. In the four corners are an Angel, Eagle, Cow, and a Lion (all winged)

Meaning: This card can be good or bad depending on its surrounding cards. Generally I read this as luck resulting in a positive outcome. Advancement. Success, Potential, Fortuitous Coincidence, unexpected events. Feeling the presence of a higher power at work in our lives. Mobility, smooth transition. Remember that the wheel spins both ways and sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. The four figures in the corners are a lion a bull an angel and an eagle representing Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio respectively; but I have come to associate them also with the seekers Spiritual Court, guides, or ancestors guiding them through life's ups and downs helping us to solve the Spinx's riddle of life.


In Magic: Sigils, Seals, and Talismans (central symbol), Working with Angels, Snake Sheds (the snake), Familiar Spirits, Goetic Spirits (figures with books)

11 Justice

A figure (male or female) sits between two columns and behind them hangs a dark veil. There is a crown upon their head, in their right hand they hold a sword and in their left they balance a scale.

Meaning: Justice is all about balance. Justice must be tempered with mercy--therefore let the punishment fit the crime. The sword cuts away lies and illusions so that the truth of the matter can become known. The search for truth. She holds up her scales and challenges one to weigh the truth as they know it against the future that they imagine. Which carries more weight, the truth or the fantasy? A Judge or Lawyer, legal matters, contracts....what is right is not always legal and what is legal is not always right or just. In addition to the search for truth, it can represent a test of ones convictions and perseverance despite overwhelming odds

In Magic: Crown of Success (figure's crown), Just Judge, Incense (the sword),

12 The Hanged Man

A Male figure is suspended from a T-shaped cross made of living wood. There is a nimbus about his head and his arms are behind his back. He does not seem to be in pain, but looks rather peaceful.

Meaning: This card represents that state of spiritual ecstasy which has been called Satori. He has yielded his mind and body to the will of the universe. A... male with the gift of psyhicism. Sometimes it can refer to astral projection. It represents seeing things from a different perspective, being in the moment, suspension of movement, an issue is up in the air, insight, surrender to higher powers, and regeneration.

In Magic: The Colors Blue and Red, Familiar Spirits, Reversing Rituals, Psychic Vision, Bound and Ties Doll Babies.

13 Death

A Skeletal Figure riding a white horse and carry a black flag on which is printed a white rose marches forward. A dead king lies in his path, and before him are a child, a woman, and a priest. In the background the Sun Rises/Sets between two pillars. In the distance a ship at sea can be seen.

Meaning: Though horror movies would have us believe this card predicts a physical death, we have been taught that it represents transformation and change, which can be physical, mental, or spiritual. It signifies an initiation either spiritual or ritual. It could represent someone losing a drastic amount of weight, transforming their personality. The message of the death card (to me) is to live, because life is short. Life goes on.

In Magic: Santa Muerte, Death Spells, Working with Ancestors, Spirits of the Dead, Skull Candles

14 Temperance

An angelic figure wearing a white robe, pours water from cup to cup he holds in his hands. One foot is upon the earth, while the other is in the water. Behind him on the left a straight path leads to the mountains over which a glowing crown floats. On his right are a group of water lilies

Meaning: This is a card of balance and harmony. Someone adept equally in the world of spirit (the water) and the world of man (earth). When this card appears in a reading it tells me there is a need to find balance or compromise before moving forwards. Moderation. Fortunate combination. Synergy

In Magic: Baths, Spiritual Waters, Cooling Herbs, Angels

15 The Devil

A winged-demonic figure kneels upon a black altar. There is a reversed pentagram on his forehead. In his left hand is a torch burning upside down and his right hand is raised and extended. Before him a nude male and female are loosely chained to the altar. Like the devil-like figure above them, these people have horns upon their heads and long tails.

Meaning: This is a card that personifies the weakness of the flesh and the corruption of the spirit. It signifies binding by thought, word, or deed. Addiction of any kind, but especially sexual addiction. Lust. Being one's own worst enemy. Black Magic. Obstacles. Sexual Experimentation, BDSM, and in some cases sexual freedom. .

In Magic: If you look closely at the two human figures in the card you will see that their chains are not tight, that is, they can easily be slipped off of their necks setting themselves free of what binds them. Sometimes what holds us back is sometimes more mental than physical. In this respect, I assocate this card with unbinding, uncrossing, and cast off evil. Also, working with the Trickster, Devil at the Crossroads, Candle Magic, Divorce Candles, Butted Candles (the upside down torch), Human Figural Candles, Cursing, Blocking, Intranquil Spirit, Holly Herb, Bat's Blood, Bat's Heart, Devil Nut, Devil's Shoestring

16 The Tower

A huge tower is struck by lightning knocking off its crown-like root and setting it on fire. A man and a woman fall from the tower. The skies are dark and cloudy, raid drops resembling Hebrew "yods" can be seen in the background.

Meaning: This card represents the breaking-down force in the universe, which is necessary before you can rebuild (think about razing the land before you can lay a foundation). It can also represent the breakdown of old modes of belief (you find out ...your squeaky-clean teen idol is a drug addict), disruption, unforeseen catastrophe. A personal "fall" which opens the way for new enlightenment.

In Magic: Blockbuster, Lightning Struck Wood (the lightning bolt), Candle Magic for destructive ends, Physically Breaking a candle.

17 The Star

A nude female kneels on the earth with her right foot upon the water. She is pouring water from two pitchers into a pool and upon the earth. Above her head can be seen a yellow colored eight-pointed star surrounded by 7 small white stars, which also have eight points. Over her left shoulder a bird can be seen perched upon a tree.

Meaning: To me this is a card of guidance and intuition as I am often reminded that early sailors plotted their courses by the stars, and in modern times many people wouldn't think of leaving the house without checking their horoscopes. It is a card of freshness, renewal, and the promise thereof. Hope. Regeneration. Growth. Optimism.

In Magic: Baths, Spiritual Waters, Cooling Herbs, Astrological / Planetary Energies ("Virgo" Oil, "Drops of Jupiter", Astrological Candles, etc...)

18 The Moon

A dog and a wolf bay at the full moon as a shellfish crawls out of a pool of water in the foreground. A path ascends upward between two towers. Dew drops which resemble the Hebrew letter Yod, fall from the sky.

Meaning: The moon is a card of illusions, dreams, and intuition. Trickery. Dishonesty. Danger. A warning not to be deceived. False friends. Selfishness.

In Magic: Reversing Spells, Mirror Boxes (the moon reflects the light of the Sun), Spiritual Waters, Baths, Watery Herbs..., Dogwood, Wolf's Bane, Dog's Hair, Crab Shell Powder

19 The Sun

A naked child rides a white horse holding aloft a red banner. Behind the child is a walled garden and four sunflowers can be seen. Overhead the sun shines brilliantly.

Meaning: This card brings positive tidings! It represents balance (how else can that little kid ride that horse holding that huge banner and not fall off?), and reaching towards the positive (sunflowers seek out the light and often face east) It signifies attainment, material happiness, and achievement. It can represent movement on a stalled issue towards a positive direction.

In Magic: Candle Magic (the sun as Fire symbol), Sunflowers, Sunflower Seeds, Fiery "Hot" Herbs, etc...

20 Judgement

The angel Gabriel blows his banner-ed trumpet over the dead who are rising from their coffins which float upon the sea. The men, women, and children raise their arms in adoration. In the distance, snow mountains can be seen.

Meaning: Judgement is all about awakenings, such as a personal revelation or finally understanding something that escaped you previously. A change in personal consciousness. Renewal. The card also suggests atonement for past misdeeds.

In Magic: Spirits of the Dead, Ancestors, Angels, Goetic Spirits, Blood Magic, healing roots (the red cross), Spirit Communication (the horn as "spirit trumpet)

21 The World

A wreath surrounds a nude female dancer who holds a wand in her hands. In the four corners we can see the four animals of Ezekiel (see the Wheel of Fortune).

Meaning: This is a card of completion and success. It represents trials overcome and triumph in everything that you do. The rewards of hard work.

In Magic: Working with Angels, Familiar Spirits, Personal Concerns (emphasis of figure's hair at top left), binding with knots (cloth wound around female figure), working with two candles at the same time for opposite goals (for example drawing prosperity and banishing poverty)

The Minor Arcana

The Wands

Element- Fire

Gender- Male

Aspect of Self- Your Spirit, Energy, Aura, etc..

Direction- The South

Season- Summer

Theme- Enterprise and Growth; Stimulation, Activation.

Magic- When wands appear, it suggest the use of candles and candle spells due to their associate with the element of fire; as well as "fiery" or "hot" herbs such as cinnamon and sage.

The Ace of Wands

A hand issues forth from a cloud holding a wooden wand from which many flowers protrude. In the foreground a path leads to a mountain peak on top of which is a castle.

Meaning: Aces represent beginnings and wands relate to business and enterprise, therefore the Ace of Wands often indicates the beginning of an enterprise or business venture. Sometimes it indicates a journey for business purposes, a new job, or a promotion. Passion, Drive, energy, direction, will, sexuality, sex life, fire, urges, male fertility, climax, the seeds of creation, the tree of life, creativity, new beginnings and ideas.

In Magic: The suit of wands are phallic and so I associate the ace of wands with men and the use of Penis candles; but really any candle can be a penis candle with a little imagination. Aces represent beginnings so I often associate this card with road opener candles, road opener root (abre camino) and road opener products in general.

The Two of Wands

The Lord of the Manor looks out over the sea, he is holding a globe in his right hand and a staff in his left. There is a second staff fixed to the foundation behind him. There are roses and lilies crossed on the bottom left of the card.

Meaning: This card represents a mature, successful individual who has the "whole world in his hands." Attainment of goals which brings riches and good fortune.

In Magic: Two is the number of balance, so I would associate this card with burning two candles at once for opposite goals. For example to attract money and banish poverty. Additionally, the figure is standing between two flowering wands (candles) as he looks out over a balcony to the sea (water) holding a globe (earth) in his hand. This imagery suggest the use of an herbal bath after which the individual steps out between two lit candles thus cleansing themselves with water and fire (again duality).

The Three of Wand

A male figure with his back turned to the viewer look out over the sea. There are three ships can be seen navigating the calm waters. There are three wands planted in the ground around the figure.

Meaning: This is a card of trade and commerce. Someone successful in business with a good head on their shoulders.

In Magic: Three is the number of manifestation and growth. It is the sum of the first male/odd number (1) and the first female/even number (2). The predominant color in this card is yellow which is associated with attraction as well. The three wands surrounding the figure suggests a triangle. When we put all this together we get three yellow candles placed in the shape of a triangle, dressed with attraction oil, and a symbol of that which we wish to attract placed in the center of the triangle. Due to the ships appearing in the background, I also associate this card with safe travel spells.

The Four of Wands

A garland is hung from four wands in the foreground, forming a kind of gate. Two figures can be seen lifting flowers as if to welcome the observer. Near the figures a bridge leads to an old castle.

Meaning: This card represents safety and security. Prosperity, bounty, romance, harmony, and peace.

In Magic: I associate this card with Peaceful Home spells as well as spiritual cleansing, especially of the home as well as Money House Blessing. Marriage spells, Stay With Me and Blessings in general.

The Five of Wands

Five young men brandish wands during combat, which may be a real struggle or for practice.

Meaning: This card represents conflict which may be inner or outer, such as among a ground of people. Competition, struggle, the process of attempting to gain success.

In Magic: This card boils down to competition and the struggle to attain success; therefore I would associate this card with any spiritual product that would help the seeker gain an edge. This could vary greatly depending on the nature of the competition, for example you would not use the same products for success to win a scholarship or contest as you would for success in business. In general terms, I would suggests Crown of Success products (since this is the suit of wands, it would indicate candles) as well as I Can, You Can't.

The Six of Wands

A man wearing a laurel wreath and carrying a wand on which is another laurel wreath is riding a horse while five footmen carrying their own wands walk alongside him.

Meaning: This is a card of victory after strife, struggle, or competition. It reminds me of the ticker-tape parades you used to see in old news-reels. It can indicate good news, conquest, or advancement. Sometimes it may represent a journey over land.

In Magic: The horse and rider suggests movement on an issue, and so I associate this card magically with road opener or block buster efforts and spiritual products; as well as Victor Over Evil, and Crown of Success. The wreath of laurel or bay leaves would suggest burning laurel leaves on which you have written your goal.

The Seven of Wands

A young man on top of a hill holds a wand in a defensive stance. Below him 6 more wands come to oppose him.

Meaning: This card always reminds me of that old game "King of the Hill". Holding your own against enemies, strife, showing courage in difficult times, seizing the high ground.

In Magic: This card is about overcoming insurmountable odds. If we look closely, the figure's right hand (power) is raised and holding the wand but appears to resemble to "raised fist" symbolizing defiance and unity. This suggest the spirit and use of High John the Conqueror and related products.

The Eight of Wands Eight wands are shown flying across the sky and their journey seems to be coming to an end. Meaning: A journey by air, possible over water (i.e. a long journey) coming to the end of something, approaching one's goal, movement on an issue, things moving too fast. In Magic: The imagery of this card suggest a sense of urgency, therefore I associate this card with Fast Luck and when this card appears I often suggest the burning of one red alter candle dressed with fast luck oil on one's petition per day for 8 consecutive days. The Nine of Wands: A wounded man leans against a staff as if he is very guarded against another attack. Behind him eight wands stand as if forming a barricade. Meaning: Retreat, withdrawal, and slow recovery I associate this card with someone who has been hurt physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually and who has not fully recovered. There may be psychological blocks in place. The wands surrounding the figure aren't just wands it's a fence or a wall behind which they have secluded themselves for their own protection. In Magic: In terms of magic, I associate this card with fiery wall of protection, cleansing with fire, the practice of wrapping the head in white for protection after a spiritual cleansing. The Ten of Wands A man is weighed down with 10 flowering wands he is carrying as he makes his journey towards a city. Meaning: This card represents someone who is carrying a heavy burden (which may be physical, mental, or emotional) and whom will soon achieve their goal. Stress, pressure, unwise use of resources. someone who is carrying a heavy burden (which may be physical, mental, or emotional) and who will soon achieve their goal. Stress, pressure, unwise use of resources, it can sometimes indicate a need for the individual to take stock of their life, prioritize goals, and if need be to delegate tasks to others. The burden the individual may be carrying can sometimes be a secret or something else they are holding in which they need to get off their chest. I have had this card come up for individuals who struggling with coming out. In Magic: Due to the story of the man who was cursed by God for gathering sticks on the Sabbath, I sometimes associate this card with curses and other forms of punishment In this respect it can mean the negative consequences of not following societal, or religious norms. In terms of health, I associate this card with obesity (weight), back problems, bloating, and depression. The Page of Wands An androgynous figure stands against a background of mounds seemingly making a proclamation. Meaning: This card is associated with Chiron, the wounded healer. When it appears in a reading, represents a young person of either gender who is trustworthy, faithful, and loyal. They may be a friend or a stranger with good intentions. He or she will often bear some kind of news. Strength through adversity, hope, healing, the ability to turn a curse into a blessing. In Magic: The pyramids in the background of this card suggest the use of pyramid candles. Eye in Pyramid candles are usually burned in Hoodoo for prosperity owning to the imagery of the Eye of Providence appearing on a pyramid on American Currency; however, you can often find pyramid candles in many colors and they are not strictly limited to money and prosperity. The colors yellow and orange (attraction and road opening) are dominant in this card so I would suggest a yellow or orange pyramid candle. Pages are associated with messages and the red feather in the Page's cap suggest writing a petition with a quill pen or dove's blood ink. The petition or prayer paper may then be burned to send out your message or request. The Knight of Wands A Knight is mounted upon a horse in motion, he seems to be passing mounds. He is carrying a flowering wand. Meaning: This card corresponds to Sagittarius and signifies an adventurous young man who brings action wherever he goes. He can be flighty and prone to leaping before looking. Change of residence, flight, absence, departure, perhaps a journey by land. In Magic: More pyramids (see Page of Wands). The horse suggests movement and the Knight in Armor indicates that he is prepared to fight so in place of road opener I would associate this card with blockbuster which is a bit stronger and harsher. The horse would also suggest good luck, the use of horse-shoes, and horse hair (which is used to put "live things in you.") The Queen of Wands A Queen in royal robes holds a sunflower as her wand. Lions form the arms of her throne and a black cat can be seen at her feet. Meaning: The Queen of Wands corresponds to Leo and she is a successful woman with a sunny disposition. She is warm, friendly, and animated. Optimism, success coming naturally. In Magic: The Queen wears a crown upon her head, suggesting Crown of Success; the sunflower suggest the use of sunflower seeds, flower petals, or sunflower oil to gain success and achievement. The black cat in the foreground is a symbol of good luck as the cat with tail up is synonymous with the elephant with its trunk up. It is specially associated with gambling luck, invisibility, and the return of lost loves. It would suggest the use of black cat spiritual products, the black-cat bone (if it can be obtained humanly) and the burning of cat candles which come in black and red. The Lion on the Queen's throne also suggest Leo Zodiac Oil and the use of dandelion (tooth of the lion) to bring about one's wishes. The King of Wands A King sits upon his thrown holding a flowering wand. The back of his thrown bears the symbol of the lion. Beneath his crown he wears a “cap of maintenance”. A lizard can be seen in the foreground. Meaning: The King of Wands is associated with the astrological sign of Aries. He is a natural leader, passionate about his ideals and beliefs. You can count on him to be honest with his thoughts and conscientious with his decisions In Magic: The King of Wands holds many of the same magical associations as the Queen. Crown of Success, Leo Zodiac Oil, the salamander suggest the use of snake-skin or salamander-skin for transformation and positive change.

The Cups Element- Water Gender- Female Aspect of Self- One's Soul Direction- The West Season- Spring Theme- Emotions and Feelings; the subscious Magic- When cups appear, it suggest spiritual bathing and the use of spiritual waters such as Florida Water, Bluing, etc...; also, "cool" herbs such as mint or chamomile. Since water is associated the subconscious, the cups also cover the realm of dreams and the psychic universe. The Ace of Cups A hand issues from a could holding a cup from which four streams are pouring. A dove bears a cross-marked wafer in its bill to put into the cup, water lilies float on the waters beneath. Meaning: Abundance. New love and romance. Fertility. In Magic: In terms of magic I associate this card with spiritual bathing, and the use of spiritual waters such as peace water, war water, florida water, or blue water, spiritual cleansing and, again when ever I see a hand in a Tarot card I automatically think of a mojo-hand. The dove and the water would suggest the use of doves blood ink (to write a petition) and finally the water lilies beneath the cup suggest the use of lotus root which is used in spells for love fertility wells and protection… In short with lotus root your cup runneth over The Two of Cups As a young man and woman pledge their troth, above their cups the Caduceus of Hermes rises. A lion's head appears between the wings. Meaning: Spiritual balance, harmony, possible engagement, romance, a new relationship. Sometimes this card can represent a person's own inner masculine or feminine selves despite their current gender. I have also see this card come up for those who are transitioning (i.e. changing their physical gender to match that which they feel they truly are). Two is the first even number, and so this card can represent two things or people coming together or coming apart. Look to the surrounding cards for more information. In Magic: I associate this card with Come to Me spiritual products and workings, spiritual healing, sexual healing, Leo Zodiac Oil, Dandelion Root (lion's head), Penis candles and imagery (the snake). In some instances, for example love or sex magic, I may suggest the individual bind two dolls together. If the card falls in the past and the cards are badly aspected, it may indicate the seeker is under a love spell against their own will. I also associate this card with slipping something in someone's drink to bring them under your thrall such as menstrual blood or yarrow root. The Three of Cups Three Maidens in flowing robes raise high their cups in a place of flowering fruits and foliage. They are pledging friendship Meaning: Celebration, happiness, successful completion of a project. In Magic: The pumpkin in the foreground suggest money drawing as all the herbs used in "pumpkin spice" are used to draw prosperity and wealth. The pumpkin could also suggest a "container spell" such as a bottle, egg-shell, or box for attracting wealth. The Four of Cups Seated under a tree, a young man contemplates three cups on the grass before him. Out of a cloud in the sky comes a hand offering him another cup. He is nevertheless discontented. Meaning: Dissatisfied with one’s present circumstances, blind to other avenues, meditation, reevaluation of one’s thoughts and beliefs. In Magic: The suit of cups is associated with water and so I associate this card with a spiritual bath for clarity after which a portion of the bath water is poured over the roots of a tree. In addition, the hand merging from the cloud suggest a mojo-bag or "hand" for clarity and wisdom in making decisions. The Five of Cups A figure in a dark cloak looks at three fallen cups, while two others stand upright behind him. In the background, a bridge leads to a castle. Meaning: Disappointment, loss, pessimism, self-denial, bitterness and frustration, not getting one’s desires, failure. In Magic: I associate this card with making a hot-foot or banishing bottle which is thrown in running water to take something away form you; in this case negative thoughts and feelings surrounding the seeker's present condition or situation. I also point out to the seeker that this card is numbered 5, which in Roman Numbers is represented by the letter V as in victory and that any negativity they are presently experiencing will soon pass. The Six of Cups Two children fill cups with flowers. One smells a flower while another looks on. In the background a cozy cottage can be seen. Meaning: Nostalgia, memories, new knowledge, new environment, new relationship(s), stopping to smell the roses. This card can sometimes represent one's siblings or childhood events (surrounding cards can indicate behavior patterns that stem from the seeker's early home environment.) This is another card that I associate with the Ancestors and/or the dead and may indicate a message from the deceased to come visit their grave, especially if they have been neglected. In the Rider-Waite-Smith there is a shield with an X pattern carved into stone on the right hand side of the picture. When ever I see an X it is interpreted that the seeker will find what they are looking for (X marks the spot) or that they will get their wish. In Magic: I associate this card with spells and workings performed in a cemetery or at someone's grave (surrounding cards will offer clues to what type of grave). The X mentioned above recalls the ritual of marking a "/" on a gravestone (usually in chalk) while petitioning the spirit to make a wish come true. An offering is left at the grave and when the wish comes to pass the individual returns to the grave and completes the X by drawing a "\" over the "/". A grave with many Xs indicates a powerful spirit known for bringing about one's wishes when properly petitioned. The Seven of Cups Visions rise up out of seven cups which include wreaths, jewels, snakes and towers all residing on clouds. A man garbed in black contemplates what he sees. Meaning: High expectations, lofty goals, spreading one’s self too thin, a dreamer, self-deception. divine madness, vision quest, dreams, imagination, confusion, choices, ones attempts to find order and meaning in chaos. ​ In Magic: I associate this card with confusion as well as clarity, psychic vision spiritual products and efforts. When this card appears I often instruct the seeker to look for an answer to their query in this own dreams. The Eight of Cups A man with a staff walks away from 8 cups on his previous happiness. Streams, mountains, and rocks lie before him. The moon turns an inscrutable face on him. Meaning: Abandoning the material for the spiritual, spiritual journey or exploration, letting go of things that no longer seem important. In my experience working with the Tarot I have seen this card come up when someone is trying to heal from an addiction especially drugs or alcohol. In some cases, it can indicate the loss of a lover by relocation. In Magic: Cut and clear to help one to loosen unhealthy emotional ties; black walnut bath. The Nine of Cups A substantial man seems to have feasted abundantly. Behind him the cups on the arched shelf guarantee future material sustenance. Meaning: The ‘wish” card. Success, attainment, gaining one’s desires, health, love, prosperity, satisfaction with one’s lot in life. In Magic: The nine of cups is known as the wish-card and when it appears it means that a wish will soon come true! In the Rider Waite Smith deck this card shows a portly yet happy man sitting in front of 9 golden cups arranged in an arch. He is happy because he has counted his blessings (the golden cups) and is grateful for that which he has been given. So in many respects this card is as much about gratitude as it is about happiness, success, and the fulfillment of your desires. If you are reading this now I challenge you to write down on a piece of paper nine things for which you are grateful and place this under a gold or yellow candle, light the candle and make a wish; if you are truly grateful for what you have, you will have more to be grateful for! The Ten of Cups Ten cups are shown in a rainbow. A man and woman below, evidently a husband and wife look upon the vision as two children dance nearby. Meaning: Contentment, friendship, balance, joy, happiness, assured success, spiritual protection, possible pregnancy. In Magic: This is another card, in addition to the Four of Wands that I associate with happiness in the home and Peaceful Home products and spells, as well as Money House Blessing, and Stay With Me spells. I also associate this card with fertility and the blessing and protection of children. The Page of Cups A young person is shown as he contemplates a fish rising out of the cup. In the background is the sea. Meaning: The page of Cups is associated with Juno and represents the archetype of the Visionary or Artists. A thoughtful, conscientious young person with artistic tendencies. Artistry, creativity, pride in one’s work. It represents looking at a person or situation through childlike eyes and encourages you to examine your own feelings and instincts about the same. More often than not the page of cups is the bearer of good news. In Magic: In some cases, the Page of Cups can indicate the stimulation of one's latent psychic or intuitive abilities. For this reason, I associate this card with Psychic Vision products and workings. If the seeker has any doubts, I advise them to pay attention to their own dreams and intuitions as there is likely a message coming through just for them. The Knight of Cups A Knight riding quietly and wearing a winged helmet, symbol of imagination. He is contemplative, not warlike, he bears his cup firmly as the horse prepares to cross the stream and approach the distant peaks. Meaning: The Knight of Cups is associated with Pisces in the zodiac and he represents the archetype of the Lover. He represents a young man who brings a message of friendship or love. In Magic: The Knight approaches a stream of running water which he must pass though to get to the other side; therefore I associate this card with spiritual baths to remove blockages and evil especially the the evil eye. The fish which appears on his garments is a symbol associated with Jesus as a healer and redeemer in the waters of life as well as fertility and abundance (having fed the multitude of 5000 with only a few fish and loaves of bread.) Why the evil eye? The evil eye is associated with loss and dryness as in one's luck has dried up resulting in a loss of money. In regards to health, loss and dryness would translate to vomiting, diarrhea and the loss of personal power, strength, and good health. Now the fish, living in water, has very little chance of drying up and many folks believe that those who are born under the sign of Pisces are more resistance to the effect of the evil eye. The presence of the fish in a reading could indicate either the presence of the evil eye (look to surrounding cards) and a need to shield one's self from it. The Queen of Cups A queen in flowing robed sits in contemplation of an ornate and intricately designed cup, as if she saw a vision inside. Water surrounds the garden spot on which the throne stands and cupids adorn the throne. Meaning: The Queen of Cups is associated with Scorpio in the zodiac and she represents the Healer. She is a wife and mother who has the gift of insight and understanding. In Magic: This is another card that I associate with crown of success and psychic ability and the magic of dreams. If this card appears it may indicate that the seeker has psychic ability (specifically visions which come from crystal gazing or in their dreams). Psychic Vision spiritual products, Lucky Dream. Crown Chakra The King of Cups A King is shown with a scepter in his left-hand and a large cup in his right hand. His thrown rests upon the sea, a ship is seen at one side and a dolphin rises at the other. Meaning: The King of Cups is associated with Cancer in the zodiac, and he represents the Adviser. He is a man of business, law, or divinity. The suit of cups is associated with our emotions and the King of Cups is in touch with his emotions, yet he is able to restrain them and remain objective. He is a wise man who gives good advice. Emotional Balance, objectivity, compassion, kindness. If the cards are negatively aspected, it can represents a man who is controlled by his emotions, easily angered, easily swayed or emotionally manipulated; passionate and wild. In Magic: Again, the crown relates to Crown of Success spiritual products and efforts; since the suit of cups is associated with the element of water it could indicate a Crown of Success Spiritual Bath. The fish around his may indicate the need for a talisman to protect one from the evil eye (See Queen of Cups). Finally, the ship in the background would indicate safe travel products and effots.

The Swords Element- Air Gender- Male Aspectg of Self - One's Mind Direction- The East Season- Fall Theme- Activity and Progress Magic- When swords appear, it suggest the use of magical incense and the power of prayer, the recitation of mantras, or affirmations, and the power of positive thinking. The Ace of Swords A hand issues from a cloud bearing a sword, the point of which is encircled by a crown. Olive and laurel branches hang from the crown. "Tongues of Flame" hover about the blade symbolizing descent of spirit. Meaning: Victory over enemies, conquest, force, power, strength. Swords relate to our thoughts, so sometimes the card can represents a thought, idea or mental breakthrough which brings freedom and understanding. Someone with a sharp tongue, or a sharp wit. The sword topped with a crown is basically a penis and the yods are the seed of life (sperm). For this reason this card sometimes represents male fertility and sexuality. In some cases it can herald the birth of a male child In Magic: Whenever I see a hand, I associate it with a talisman (helping hand) and especially a mojo-hand. Anointing with holy oil (olive oil) and the use of laurel leaves (bay leaves). Crown of Success, especially the incense since swords relate to the element of air. The Two of Swords A blindfolded figure balances two swords upon her shoulders. She sits on a bench with her back to the sea. The crescent moon looks down upon her. Meaning: Duplicity, stalemate, stagnation, indecision, anxiety, anxiousness. In Magic: The crossed swords resemble a pair of scissors which is an image found on cut and clear packaging and so I often associate this card with cut and clear spiritual products and efforts. The blindfolded figure suggests an inability to see so I also associate this card with clarity products and possible psychic vision products. Finally, this may also suggest a need for Crown of Success for good decision making. The Three of Swords A heart pierced by three swords. Rain and clouds in the background. A depiction of storm weather is about. Meaning: Sorrow, emotional pain, separation, delay, tears, trauma, betrayal. In Magic: The heart pierced by three swords suggest a coercive form of love-spell in which the heart of a doll baby is pierced with pins to simulate the pangs of love, so I often associate this card with forceful love spells, the Intranquil Spirit, and their cures (i.e. cut and clear, black walnut bath, etc....) The Four of Swords A knight lies at full length upon his tomb, in an attitude of prayer. One sword lies beside his tomb, while three hang over him. Meaning: Rest during/after illness, prayer, solitude, retreat, repose. In Magic: The hands brought together in prayer suggests the power of prayer, affirmations, mantras, mental programming, positive thinking and the law of attraction. Since the figure is lying in repose (sleeping), I also associate this card with prayer to receive an answer in a dream and the use of spiritual products such as Psychic Vision which will help facilitate this. The Five of Swords A man looks scornfully at two dejected figures, whose swords lie upon the ground. He carried two swords on his left shoulder, and a third sword in his right hand, points to the earth. Storm clouds fill the sky. Meaning: Conquest, overcoming enemies through brute force, dishonor, feelings of being cheated or treated unfairly. In Magic: Everything about this card is sharp, from the swords, to the clouds, to the facial features of the central figure holding the swords, so I associate this card sharpness, cutting, separation and separation spiritual products, as well as break up products and workings. The Six of Swords A ferryman carries two passengers in his boat to the opposite shore. The waters are smooth ahead but rough behind them. The swords do not seem to weigh the boat down. Meaning: A journey over water, improvement in one’s situation, success after anxieties. In Magic: I associate this card with Safe Travel, especially over water; as well as the herbs motherwort and angelica root for the protection of women and their children. The Seven of Swords A man is shown escaping with five swords, with two still remaining stuck in the ground. A nearby military camp is depicted. Meaning: Deception, loss by theft, and betrayal. This is the card of the thief and the liar. In some cases I associate this card with someone who is cocky and over confident. At other times this card represents the things we do in secret. For example, the act of binging on food or the person who secretly gets drunk every night (the functioning alcoholic). The prim and proper librarian who becomes a stripper at night. In Magic: I associate this card with spells and workings meant to discover a thief, find the truth, and to catch criminals (the swords he steals will become the iron bars of his jail cell); but also spells to help get away with illegal activity and the use of spiritual products such as Law Keep Away. The Eight of Swords A woman is bound and blindfolded as she stands in a watery waste surrounded by swords. Behind her on a high cliff is a castle. Meaning: Bondage, imprisonment, indecision, not having all the information needed, conflict, restriction. This card shows a woman who is blindfolded and bound, she is surrounded by eight swords which resemble a cage or cell, her footing is unsure the ground is muddy with pools of standing water. From our perspective, we see that there is an opening between the swords through which the woman can easily pass through, however, she is unable to see it with her blindfold on, nor can she feel her way due to her hands being tied behind her back. When this card appears, I know that the seeker feels bound by forces outside of their control and would like to reclaim their personal power and exercise more control over their own lives but can see no way out of their situation. This is the card of the abused spouse, the unjustly accused, the bullied teen, etc... and it promises that there is a solution to their problem, issue, or condition if they just seek it out. In some cases, it is not so much that the person cannot see a way out but refuses to see a way out even when it is right in front of them. In Magic: Due to the imagery of a human figure bound and blindfolded surrounded by shiny swords, I associate this card with the use of mirror-boxes, as well as reverse-evil spiritual products and efforts. The Nine of Swords A woman sits grieving on her bed while nine swords hang over her. Meaning: Insomnia, misery, unhappiness, doubt and despair, delays. In Magic: I associate this card with the need to protect one's self from evil (such as the boo hag or the hag that rides you) while sleeping at night and the tools thereof such as placing a Bible or a piece of silver under one's pillow; laying a broom across the thresh hold or placing a sieve under the bed. The Ten of Swords A figure lies face down on the ground as swords stick out of his back. The sky is black and there are mountains in the background. Meaning: Betrayal, misfortune, no where to go but up, ruin, pain, sadness, mental anguish, disappointment, grief. In Magic: Whereas the Three of Swords was associated with coercive and forceful love spells, the Ten of Swords is more about making a person suffer great harm of physical, mental, and or emotional nature. It suggest making a doll of an individual and piercing it all over with pins and needs calling down the powers of darkness to cause the person to suffer. If you look closely, you will also notice that the figure has been stabbed in the back, or betrayed, and that his right hand makes the sign of blessing. For this reason I also associate this card with double-cross Spiritual Products and efforts. The Page of Swords A young figure holds a sword in both hands while walking over rugged land. Wild clouds are gathered about him or her and they look around as if expecting an enemy. Meaning: The Page of Swords is associated with Pallas Athena and represents the archetype of the strategist or detective. A perceptive young person with above average insight. Agility, spying, vigilance, patterns. In Magic: This card depicts a youthful figure brandishing a sword in a posture of defense, in the background several "puffy" clouds seem to be caught in the wind. For this reason, I associate this card with blockbuster spells as well as clarity spiritual products to cut away that which obscures the truth of a situation or condition. The Knight of Swords A knight rides recklessly at full speed scattering his enemies. Meaning: The Knight of Swords corresponds to Aquarius in the Zodiac and represents the archetype of the troublemaker, but it can be for good or evil. He is a young man who rushes into situations with good intentions but can sometimes make matters worse. He represents actions without thought. Skill, bravery, defense. He is usually a young man unknown to you who is quick to act and appears as a helper or a good guy type alternately (if the cards are badly aspected) he can be a quick tempered bully easily angered who strikes out with words, physical blows or psychological intimidation He may also be a person who exhibits all these qualities at different times "he" can even be a "she". In Magic: Similar to the Eight of Wands, there is a real sense of urgency to this card and for this reason I associate it with anything that is said to bring swift results or to act quickly such as Fast Luck, Kiss Me Now, Mercury Planetary Oil, St. Expedite, etc... Unlike the salamander seen in the suit of wands that can sometimes suggest only the outward appearance of transformation and change, the butterfly seen on the Knight's garments indicates complete transformation inside and out. The Queen of Swords A queen seated on a throne looks out over a cloud-filled landscape. Her right hand raises a sword whose hilt rests on the arm of her throne. She looks sorrowful and grave. There are storm clouds gathering and a bird can be seen in the distance. Meaning: The Queen of Swords corresponds to Libra in the zodiac and represents the worrier. She is a sharp-tongued, quick-witted woman with keen perceptions. She may be a widow but she is not sad nor is she powerless. She is a intelligent women who does not need a man to be happy. In Magic: Again, the crown suggest crown of success, her outstretched hand would indicate a mojo-hand or other talisman. Also blockbuster and clarity spiritual products and efforts. The King of Swords The King sits in judgment, his word unsheathed. His throne rests on a pavement of stone. Behind him is a symbolic banner and in the background are trees. Meaning: The King of Swords corresponds to Gemini and represents the judge. He is a determined man of authority and self-control. Good counsel, justice, professionalism. In Magic: Same as the Queen of Swords

The Pentacles Element- Earth Gender- Female Aspect of Self- One's Body Direction- The North Season- Winter Theme- Material and Financial Matters Magic- When Pentacles appear it suggest the use of talismans in the form of mojo bags, magical seals, kameas, and or sigils; as well as the use of dirt and dirts The Ace of Pentacles A hand issues forth from a cloud offering a pentacle. Lilies grow in a garden below and an entrance/exit can be seen in the background. Meaning: Attainment, prosperity, wealth, opportunity, growth and fertility. In Magic: In terms of magic, I associate this card with the use of talismans, including mojo-bags or "hands", seals of solomon, magic-squares, etc... but also dirts from various places; look to surrounding cards for clues. For example if the Ace of Pentacles falls next to the 3 of Pentacles, I would get dirt from three church yards; if it falls near the wheel of fortune, I would use dirt from a casino; if it falls near Judgement, I would get dirt from a graveyard, etc...surrounding cards can also give an indication as to what grave the dirt should come from... for example with the Chariot it would indicate the grave of a soldier The Two of Pentacles A man is dancing, with a pentacle in either hand. The pentacles are joined by an endless cord, which is like the number eight. Ships ride the high waves behind him. Meaning: Juggling finances, worry, concern, attempt to maintain harmony during times of stress, mechanisms, mass-production. In Magic: The figures phallic hat would suggest a talisman of protection that takes the form of a penis; safe travel talismans and spiritual products. The Three of Pentacles A sculptor is shown working in a monastery. This card should be compared with the Eight of Pentacles, where the worker was an apprentice. Here he has received his reward and is a mature artist. Meaning: Skill in one’s trade, construction, material increase, renown, power. In Magic: I associate this card with invoking the "three highest names" as a powerful talisman for protection; as well as seeking the advice of a holy person, carrying an object which has been touched by a holy person; the act of being blessed by being toch or prayed over by a deeply spiritual or religious person. The Four of Pentacles A crowned figure has a pentacle over his crown, two under his feet, while he clasps another with his hands and arms. He holds on firmly to what he has. Meaning: Greed, saving for a rainy day, love of money, hoarding, miserliness, but also saving for a rainy day, good investment. In Magic: The pentacle set up on the figure's crown suggest the erecting of a money, success, or prosperity altar. Money Drawing and Money Stay With Me spiritual products and efforts as well as a need to spiritually clean one's money. The Five of Pentacles Two figures in a snowstorm pass under a lighted window. One is lame, the other destitute. The unfortunates in the outer darkness have not yet grasped the inner light. Meaning: Destitution, loneliness, homelessness, loss, failure, physical injury. In Magic: In the Rider Waite Smith deck, two figures in a snowstorm pass under a lighted window. I often seTe the snow as something which preserves the clients current condition (snow freezes, it slows down molecules, it allows things to continue in their present state) One of the figures is lame, the other destitute. The lame figure walking on crutches wears a small bell around his neck. Bells were often rung to break up old, unhealthy, undesirable conditions, chase off witches and evil spirits. When this card appears indicating a negative state of being or negative condition, I often instruct the client to do block-buster work, walk around the home wringing a bell or a spirit rattle to break up the conditions. If the client lives in an area where it has snowed, I may instruct him or her to gather snow, melt it, and bath it in to break up a negative condition. The Six of Pentacles A merchant weighs money in the scales and distributes it to the needy. He shares hsi plentiful riches with others, out of the goodness of his heart and a sense of justice. Meaning: Philanthropy, charity, gifts, kindness, material gain. In Magic: The scales held by the central figure suggest the use of Libra Zodiac Oil, as well as efforts and spells to get someone to grant you a favor, give you a loan, or pay you back money that is owed to you. The Seven of Pentacles A young man leans on his hoe and intently studies seven pentacles attached to a bush on his right. It will be long before his work bears fruit. Meaning: Hard work bring success but over time, you will not be an overnight success when this card appears, progress, profitable investments, patience, using one’s skills and knowledge wisely. In Magic: In the Rider Waite Smith deck this card shows a young man leaning on a hoe contemplating seven pentacles growing on a vine near him. I often see this card as depicting the idea associated with the Law of Attraction, this is, what you dwell on inwardly you manifest outwardly. When this card appears I advise the seeker to really examine their thoughts and make a correlation between them and the events occurring in their own lives. The first step, then, to making positive changes in their life is to change their thoughts. I may even go so far as to suggest that they write all their negative thoughts on a piece of paper and bury it in the earth as a cathartic act to rid themselves of their negative thought patterns. As the paper is broken down and disappears into the elements so will their negative thoughts. In a more practical sense, I associate this card with the practice of burying things in the Hoodoo tradition. Spell remnants, such as candle wax, bottles, doll babies, etc... are often buried in the earth to seal a spell; so in some cases this card would indicate unfinished business that needs to be attended to. In other cases I have seen this card come up when an enemy has buried something in the seeker's path to lay a trick on them (especially when the 10 of Wands is nearby) The Eight of Pentacles An artisan at his work, which he exhibits as trophies in the form of pentacles. Meaning: If the three of pentacles is the card of the master architect then the eight of Pentacles is the apprentice it represents a new job, a work study, learning a new trade or taking your existing knowledge to a new level. Ambition, dedication, focus, paying attention to details , etc In Magic: Crafting a talisman, such as a mojo bag, seal of Solomon, personal sigil, or a magic square. The Nine of Pentacles A woman stands alone in a garden rich in grapevines, with a bird on her wrist. This suggests a wide domain, a manorial house, plenty in all things. Meaning: Accomplishment, material well-being, prudence, a love of nature and animals, listen to your intuition. In Magic: I associate this card with Wealthy Way spiritual products and efforts as well as Money Stay with Me. The pentacles stacked up around the central figure suggests to me the use and burning of Eye in Pyramid Candles for wealth and prosperity. The Ten of Pentacles A patriarch rests at ease in the foreground, surrounded by his family and dogs. An archway emblazoned with his coat of arms opens onto an impressive house. Meaning: Family wealth, family traditions, family gathering, or reunion, inheritance ... not necessarily money but anything passed down to you such as wisdom, objects, money, traditions, responsibilities, predilections even inherited diseases or a family curse if the card is badly aspected. Also consider the family seen in the ten of cups as the same one shown here but at different points in time. In Magic: I associate this card with Peaceful Home, Money House Blessing, and Wealthy Way Spiritual Products and supplies. The Page of Pentacles The page is a youthful figure representing either a young man or woman. He seems to be moving slowly, not seeing what is abut him but staring fixedly at the pentacle in his raised hands. Meaning: The Page of Pentacles is associated with Ceres which represents the archetype of the Nurturer. An intelligent, possibly precocious, young person. He or she is articulate and often given to episodes of deep thought. Reflection, love of reading and studying, exploring new thoughts and new ideas. Love, comfort, abundance, In Magic: The Page holding up a Pentacle in cupped hands, to me, suggests a talisman carried in a mojo bag. The dominant color in this card is yellow and so I would use a yellow mojo bag. Yellow is associated with attraction, so I would also associate this card with Attraction spiritual supplies and efforts. The manner in which the figure is regarding the pentacles indicates that the seeker should be absolutely sure of what they want to attract before they begin any work. The Knight of Pentacles A Knight rides a heavily caparisoned horse through a freshly plowed field. He balances the pentacle symbol carefully, as if he were displaying it but not really looking at it. Meaning: The Knight of Pentacles corresponds to Capricorn in the zodiac and represents the worker. He is a mature and responsible young man, who is reliable and methodical. Labor, toil, responsibility. In Magic: There is a palatable heaviness to this card.or The Knight's armor is large and bulky, the horse upon which he is riding is quite large and drawn with dark, heavy colors and bold lines. To me this is a card of holding someone or something down or in place such as nailing down the four corners of one's property to keep from losing it. The freshly plowed fields in the background also suggest burying something, such as a bottle or talisman in the ground. The Queen of Pentacles A Queen sits on her throne, which is covered with symbols of fruitfulness--cupids, goats, ripe fruit. A rabbit is in the foreground and a bower of roses is above her. She contemplates a pentacle which she holds in her lap. Meaning: The Queen of Pentacles corresponds to Virgo in the zodiac and represents the supporter. She is earthy, intelligent, and generous. She represents prosperity, well-being, grace, dignity, and security. In Magic: The crown upon her head is associated with Crown of Success spiritual products, the rabbit in the foreground (at right corner) suggest efforts to enhance fertility and abundance. When this card appears, I often suggest that the seeker carry a mojo bag in which they have placed a rabbit's foot and their wish written on a slip of paper. The King of Pentacles A King sits on his throne, his robe emblazoned with many symbols of fruitfulness, his hand rests on the symbol of the pentacle. His castle appears in the background. The heads of bulls are shown behind him. Meaning: The King of Pentacles corresponds to Taurus in the zodiac and represents the provider. He is an experienced and successful leader of good character. He represents loyalty, reliability, success in business, and the wise use of resources. In Magic: Crown of Success for reasons that have already been stated. The bulls carved into the King's thrown suggest the use of Taurus Zodiac Oil.

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