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The Kitchen Witch part 4

There was a time when spices were more costly than gold, in fact spices were so expensive in Europe they were too expensive to use in cookery. Today we have an abundance of delicious herbs and spices to use in all manner of ways. Early medicine was a mixture of plants and herbs and I still have fond memories of my grandmother slapping on a bread poltice whenever I injured myself, which was unfortunately often.

To attract love cook coriander, dill and basil with peas, when you eat visualise love and attraction, allow yourself to absorb the feeling.

When you begin your magic culinary acts make sure you use the appropriate herbs and spices with the correct properties, such foods with the energy of love for your love magic, foods with the energy of protection for your protection spells and foods with the energy of money for your money spells.

A list below of foods, spices, herbs and their magical properties:

Barley – Money, sex

Buckwheat – Money

Corn – Spirituality

Lentil – Peace, tranquility

Millet – Money

Oats – Money

Pretzel – Protection

Rice – Sex, money, protection

Rye – Love

Tortilla – Protection, spirituality

Wheat – Spirituality, fertility, protection, psychic awareness

Birthday cake – happiness, good luck, wishes, spirituality

Wedding cake – Fertility, good luck

Cookies – Good fortune, happiness

Pies – Spirituality

Artichoke – Protection (For additional protection combine with garlic and bay leaves)

Asparagus – Sex

Beans – Money, sex, wealth (Combine ginger and chilli with the beans for more power)

Beetroot – Love, ambiance, beauty

Broccoli – Protection and power (Works well with basil and mustard seeds)

Sprouts – Protection (For extra protection mix with basil and salt)

Cabbage – Protection and love, magical rituals (Add dill for extra power)

Carrot – Sexuality the libido (Add parsley for powerful results)

Cauliflower – Protection (For greater effect add mustard seeds and rosemary)

Celery – An aphrodisiac, sex, psychic awareness (Adding celery seed to foods stimulates psychic awareness)

Chilli – Protection

Chives – Protection

Cucumber – Healing

Eggplant – Money

Endive – Sex (The endive enhances sexual desire)

Leek – Protection

Lettuce – Peace and money

Mushroom – Psychic enhancement

Olive – Spirituality

Onion – Protection keep evil away

Peas – Love (Cooked with basil, dill and marjoram to intensify the power)

Potato – Protection (Season with rosemary, parsley and chives for powerful protection)

Pumpkin – Money, healing

Rhubarb – Love

Soy – Psychic awareness, protection

Spinach – Money

Sprouts – Psychic awareness

Sunflower – Success

Sweet potato – Sex, love

Tomato – Love, protection

Truffle – Sex

Watercress – Fertility, protection

Apple – Health, love

Apricot – Love

Avocado – Love

Banana – Love, money

Blackberries – Sex

Blueberries – Protection

Cherry – Love

Citrus – Strength

Cranberry – Protection

Date – Spirituality

Fig – Money, sex, power

Grape – Dreams, money

Raisin – Fertility

Grapefruit – Cleansing

Kumquat – Money

Lemon – Love, happiness

Lime – Purification

Mango – Love, protection

Apple – Money, love, sex

Mulberry – Fertility, psychic awareness

Nectarine – Love

Orange – Love

Papaya – Love, cleansing

Passion fruit – Peace, harmony, love

Peach – Health, wisdom, happiness

Pear – Longevity

Persimmon – Love, happiness

Pineapple – Healing, protection, money

Plum – Sex, protection

Pomegranate – Creativity, fertility

Prickly Pear – Protection

Raspberry – Protection, love

Strawberry – Love

Tamarind – Love

Tangerine – Protection

Watermelon – Healing

Allspice – Healing

Anise – Love

Basil – Money, protection, love

Bay leaf – Psychic awareness, protection, healing

Black pepper – Protection

Caraway – Sex, love

Cardamom – Sex

Chicory – Love

Cloves – Money, protection, love

Coriander – Love, sex

Cumin – Peace

Dandelion – Psychic awareness

Dill – Conscious mind thoughts, money, love

Fennel – Strength, protection

Garlic – Health, protection

Ginger – Money, love

Horseradish – Protection

Licorice – Sex, love

Marigold – Protection, happiness

Marjoram – Peace, harmony, love, tranquility

Mustard – Protection

Nutmeg – Psychic awareness

Oregano – Happiness, peace

Parsley – Money, sex

Peppermint – Healing, sex

Poppy – Fertility, love

Rose – Psychic awareness, love

Rosemary – Conscious mind, love, healing

Saffron – Spirituality

Sage – Longevity

Thyme – Psychic awareness, love

Turmeric – Purification

Vanilla – Sexuality, love

Honey – Health, sex, love spirituality, wisdom

Sugar – Love

Chocolate – Love, money

Carob – Love, money

Maple syrup – Love, money

Almond – Healing, money

Brazil nut – Love, money

Cashew – Money

Chestnut – Conscious mind, love

Coconut – Psychic awareness, spirituality

Hazelnut – Wisdom, fertility

Macadamia – Money

Peanut – Money

Pecan – Money

Pine nut – Money, love

Pistachio – Love

Sesame – Fertility, sex, money, protection

Walnut – Protection

Salt – Psychic awareness, protection

Vinegar – Protection, purification

Noodles – Longevity

Fish – Freedom, harmony, sex

Crab – Protection, aphrodisiac

Shellfish – Psychic awareness, sex

Sushi – Psychic awareness, health

Tea – Money, courage

Coffee – Mind clarity, energy

Eggs – Protection

Milk – Love

Butter – Spirituality

Yoghurt – Spirituality

Cheese – Goals

Ice cream – Blueberry – Protection

Ice cream – Pecan – Money

Ice cream – Cherry – Love

Ice cream – Chocolate – Love, money

Ice cream – Coffee – Conscious mind

Ice cream – Cookies and cream – Money

Ice cream – Macadamia – Money

Ice cream – Neapolitan – Money, love

Ice cream – Peach – Love happiness, wisdom

Ice cream – Peanut butter

Ice cream – Peppermint – Healing

Ice cream – Praline – Money

Ice cream – Strawberry – Love

Ice cream – Vanilla – Love

Now that you have an understanding of how magical cooking works you can look forward to many happy moments in the kitchen as you work your love, money, protection and health magic. Sharing a meal with friends or those you love is a ritual in itself, there is a certain energy associated with this simple pleasure, and with the magic of food our life is sustained.

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