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Silver Dimes

Mineral Curios are those curios which are made up on naturally occurring minerals. Examples of mineral curious include but are not limited to, the following: Saltpeter Sulfur Lodestone Coffin Nails Most of these associations were developed through application of the Doctrine of Signatures, a belief which holds that the Creator (i.e. God, the Universe, etc...) marked everything in existence with a sign, or signature, which indicates its intended use. Furthermore, by careful observation one can determine the uses of a plant from an aspect of its form such as the shape of its roots or leaves, its color, place of growing, or even its name. For example, Walnuts are believed to cure ailments of the head because they resemble a human head; buckeyes are carried for male potency, and to attract sexual partners as they resemble a young boy's testicles; in like fashion ammonia, which sounds like harmony, is often used to cleanse objects of negativity; and Thyme which sounds like time, is believed to draw in money as it has often been reported, "time IS money." Selected Mineral Curios and their Uses Alum: Used in conjure to stop gossip, confer protection, and grant luck. Ammonia: This chemical is used to cleanse and protect people and things. Black Salt: A combination of salt and charcoal, used for protection and cleansing. Bluing: Bluing is used in spiritual baths for cleansing and protection, to draw good spirits, and to win at games of chance. Brick Dust, Red: Dust made from pulverized red bricks has been laid down across the threshold to prevent the entrance from evil. Coffin Nails: Rusty nails are used to make War-Water, to curse enemies, and break up couples. Lodestone: These naturally occurring magnets are used in pairs to attract love or as a single stone to attract money, success, or material things. They are usually dressed with a condition oil and fed with magnetic sand to ‘train’ them, and keep them strong so they can continue to work for you. Pyrite: Also known as “fool’s gold”, this mineral is used in conjure for luck in attracting money either through business or gambling. Salt: Perhaps the most common and easily obtainable mineral on this list, salt has a wide variety of uses including protection, luck, banishing people, job-getting, and reversing jinxes. Saltpeter: Saltpeter is used to break jinxes and bring luck. Silver Dimes: Silver dimes are used for protection, money-drawing, luck in gambling, and job-getting. Sulfur: This naturally occurring mineral is mainly used in enemy work to throw curses, and banish people, however it has also been used to reverse hexes and kill jinxes as well.

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