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Magical Creatures: Vampires – The Night Stalkers Pt. 7

POWERS OF A VAMPIRE One of the most discussed characteristics of the vampire is the ability to hypnotize their victims. The benefit of vampiric hypnosis gives the vampire the ability to will another to do their bidding, also the victim under the vampire’s spell typically offers little resistance. This type of control also makes it easier for a vampire to move about society, travel, and generally obtain whatever it is they require with minimal effort.

Other characteristics common to most vampires, are superhuman strength, extreme physical agility, extremely sharp hearing, acute vision, a magnified sense of smell, shape-shift and the ability to hypnotize. Some vampires are also known to fly, levitate, become invisible, time-travel, start fires, use telekinesis and telepathy, self-heal, cast spells and move with extreme speed.

A vampire could live off the blood of one human almost indefinitely, if he drinks only small amounts of blood each day, drinking too much of course, kills the victim. Drinking the blood takes restraint by the vampire as it causes great pleasure and sexual arousal.

When it comes to sleep, the vampire in general, requires as much sleep as the mere mortal, they are not bound to a coffin, as any dark sanctuary, such as a basement or crypt will do. Vampires need rest in order to rejuvenate. An old vampire folklore says that for a vampire to enter a house for the first time, he must be invited.

It is no small mystery that the bat has associations with vampires, and there is good reason. The vampire bat is small in size and has a particularly frightening appearance. It has an erect stance, large eyes, incredibly sharp teeth, and a lower lip possessing a cleft. The vampire bat is indeed a blood drinker that feeds on ground level and attempts to hypnotize its prey before attacking a vein and lapping up blood with a long tongue, it will drink until it’s sated. Like vampires, these bats must maintain regular blood intake or face rapid deterioration.

FINDING A REAL VAMPIRE Vampires prefer colder regions with less sunlight and more cloud cover.

Vampires tend to have dark rings around the iris of their eyes.

Vampires are drawn to dark venues and night life such as bars, clubs, lounges and raves

Vampires generally have noticeably different color surrounding the pupil.

They have shallow breathing at all times, except when they are upset or excited.

Vampires will match the heart rate of the person who is next to them while they sleep, or during sex.

A vampire can make you feel however they are feeling in the moment, though this is usually done without the vampire knowing its happening.

A vampire will know when you are looking at them, even if you simply glance in their direction.

Their aura will have a heavy, dark vibe to it.

Their bedroom will usually be the coldest and darkest room in the house.

Vampires tend to unintentionally make electronics malfunction in odd ways when they are around them.

Vampires are sensitive to sunlight and other bright lights, resulting in headaches and stress. They will always prefer to stand in the shadows opposed to in the sun.

If you decide to seek out a vampire now you have the knowledge, it is not difficult. However, be aware before you do this, aligning yourself with a vampire is a very dangerous game, and once you’re on a vampire’s radar there is no turning back. Your life will never be the same, and you will never be the same again, your life will no longer be your own and there will always be a dark shadow following you. You have been warned, proceed with care.

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