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Magical Creatures: UNICORNS Pt. Two

Unicorns have heightened senses, they smell happiness, sadness, danger, fear, they are aware of light and dark energies emitted by humans. Their sense of smell is unique, they love the scent of happiness but are offended by the smell of hate and anger. Unicorns are able to hear sounds on a higher frequency than humans and are extremely sensitive to loud noises and music, loving classical music and the energy generated by it.

All humans have an aura and emit a sound, or frequency, which can be heard by Unicorns. Unicorns hear music in everything, a drop of rain, a gust of wind, the Sun’s rays, the Moon’s beams, grass growing, flowers opening, a butterfly awakening, a kitten sleeping, a child dreaming.

Any form of discord, raised voices, violence, arguing, disturbs both Unicorns and angels, they respond to beauty and harmony in all things. Miserable, sullen, noisy, angry, people drive Unicorns away. Loving, kind, peaceful souls, draw Unicorn energy to them. Unicorns are able to emit a beautiful sound, reaching notes unattainable to humans, they have auras with colours beyond human comprehension.

Unicorns are drawn to lighted candles, fragrant oils, incense, bells, wind chimes, chanting, dancing, music and laughter. When your thoughts are kind, loving, positive and enlightened, you create beautiful music that is irresistible to Unicorns. Love, and loving energy exudes the most fragrant perfume, it is like the scent of flowers to Unicorns.

Depending on whether your soul is open to them, Unicorns are born to heal, and as their energy is pure light and love, their healing is potent. They will however respect the dictates of humans and would never infringe where they were not welcome. Unicorns are seven dimensional beings who enter the Earth plane to assist humans, and as long as we are open and receptive they are here to serve.

The Atlantians worked with Unicorns and the energy of crystals, many were adepts and knew how to work with finite energies. By using the imagery of a Unicorn and holding a crystal, especially a rose quartz which is attuned to love, you are able to generate a powerful meditation experience. You can achieve this by sitting quietly and conjuring an image of your Unicorn, you then imagine the Unicorn’s horn touch your third eye. Feel the energy of the crystal moving through your hand, flowing up your arm and melding with the Unicorn’s healing energy.

Unicorns enter the Earth plane through portals leading from one dimension to the other, as Unicorns watch the Earth they look for doorways to enter the Earth plane. Lakes, waterfalls, gardens, mountains, are places that draw them, they have frequencies that attract Unicorns. The Unicorns see light emanating from those who exude love and kindness and care about others, their light draws the Unicorns to the Earth plane.

There have been documented sighting of unicorns over the centuries, in 551BC, a Unicorn appeared just as Confucius’s mother was about to give birth to him, she knew this to be an auspicious sign. It offered her a piece of imperial jade with the prophesy of Confucius’s wisdom and ability inscribed upon it. Confucius also saw a Unicorn when he was a very old man.

A Unicorn appeared to the sage Fu Hsi in 3000 BC, he saw it as it emerged from the Yellow River. During the death of the Emperor Huang Ti, a Unicorn appeared. Genghis Khan spoke of a Unicorn that appeared and knelt before him, as he looked into the eyes of the Unicorn he could see the eyes of his deceased father looking back at him. The Unicorn told Genghis Khan not to invade China, his troops witnessed this event and India was spared. In writings he had done after battle, Julius Caesar described a creature that was like a horse with a single horn in the center of its forehead.

During the Renaissance period in the 16th century, Unicorns were sent to Earth as part of a plan to raise the frequency of the Earth, they worked with the artists, musicians, sculptors and creative souls of the time. Many aware beings, such as psychics, were visited by Unicorns during this period, the Unicorns appeared during meditation and in dreams. Unicorns were introduced into much of the art work, especially tapestries of the Renaissance period.

Unicorns are unique and remarkable creatures and Unicorn lore is evident in most cultures. In the West it is associated with the Moon. The goddess Diana rode in a chariot drawn across the sky by eight Unicorns. In the Histories of Herodotus, he writes that the Unicorn lives in Libya. While the Roman historian Aelian believed the Unicorn lived in India and is found in desert regions. The Arab tradition of the Unicorn was that it could be found in the Temple of Mecca. The Chinese of the 11th and 12th centuries believed the Unicorns came from Tibet.

If you are someone who wishes to heal others, Unicorns are ever ready to take you on a wondrous journey during your meditation, or in your dreams. A Unicorn guide who will help you navigate the dimensions, allowing you to give healing where it is needed. Many involved in spiritual practices, journey through the realms with their Unicorn guide and offer their services as light healers from Planet Earth.

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