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Lucid Dreaming Pt. 1

Lucid dreaming is when you are in your dream and become aware that you are actually dreaming, recognising a dream while you are in it gives you the opportunity to take charge of the dream and work with it for your benefit, you may then take it in any direction you wish. Being present in your dreams means that you can do whatever you choose, it can be as fantastic as your imagination allows.

While in your dream you are free to travel anywhere in the world, visit any country you wish, you may sit down at a coffee shop in Paris, travel to Milan to shop or people watch, go to Rome and visit the Parthenon, swim in the Caribbean, snow ski in Japan or meditate in Tibet. Maybe there is something you want to learn, you may choose any tutor in the world past or present.

If there are matters in the past that you wish to address, you may do this by travelling along your timeline into the past, if you want to actively create your future, you may travel along your timeline into the future. Once you realise that while in your dreams you can create anything you choose, you will find that when you do awaken you will begin to have a sense of empowerment, a sense of creative control over your life.

Dreams can be used to confront fears and phobias, especially those things that are blocks to progress in your waking state. Maybe you would like to be more daring in your life, in your dreams you can try a new line of work that has always interested you, or move to a new country. Perhaps you are a daredevil and would like to parachute from a plane or climb Mount Everest, in your dreams you can have the perfect partner, the perfect life, nothing is beyond your control once you begin lucid dreaming.

Often dreams are frighteningly realistic, by becoming present while in your dreamstate, sight, sound, touch, smell, become heightened, your dreams become startlingly realistic, you have power and control, this is something many people do not have in their waking state. Once you are present and alert in your dreamstate you open up to your true potential, with a greater understanding of what you are really capable of, nothing is beyond you when you are working within your dreams. You become a human being who is in total control of their dream life.

Dreaming takes place during the (REM) Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleeping, during the first stage your eyes are closed and you are in a very light sleep, you can be easily woken during this stage and you may not realise you have actually been asleep. This stage lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

The second stage of sleep is a light sleep, during this stage your muscles twitch and you are very relaxed. The next sleep stages are three and four, brainwave activity slows at this point, this is the deep sleep stage, during this stage it is difficult to wake a person. The four stages of sleep last around 2 hours, from these stages you move into the fifth stage which is REM sleep, and this is where your dreaming begins. REM sleep lasts approximately thirty minutes, your brain is very active during this stage as your dreams begin and the subconscious is being explored.

During the night you move back and forth through the stages until eventually the time of REM sleep increases. A person dreams several times during the night, even those who think they don’t dream have several dreams a night. Sometimes dreams are so vivid you remember everything clearly when you wake, some dreams are fantastic and leave you feeling wonderful, other dreams are frightening and leave you feel unsettled.

To help you remember your dreams keep a writing pad next to your bed and write down the details as soon as you wake, this will get you into the habit of remembering your dreams. No-one knows exactly why we dream, but dreaming is an important part of your wellbeing, anyone who is sleep deprived and therefore dream deprived, feels unwell and finds it difficult to function in their waking state. While you sleep the brain is able to sort through what took place while you were awake, decisions and conclusions can be come to. Sleep is essential for the nervous system.

A way of remembering your dreams is by having an intention before you go to sleep, you tell yourself you are going to dream and be lucid in your dreams, your subconscious will then help you to be present during your dreamstate and you will learn to take control of your dreams. By doing this every night and writing your dreams down every morning, you will find you remember more and therefore feel in charge of your dreaming.

Dreams are created by your mind and can be as fantastic and wonderous as you conceive. In your dreams you have total freedom to be as successful, happy, healthy, clever, daring and spectacular as you choose, there are no limitations.

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