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Lucid Dreaming Part 2

Lucid dreaming is when you are consciously aware that you are in a dream and know that you can be as daring as you choose, there are absolutely no limitations. This in itself can be liberating.

Dream awareness and taking control of your dreams means you can experience anything that the mind can conceive, you are free to embark upon any life journey you conjure.

While you are lucid dreaming it is very realistic and your senses are heightened, everything takes on a more elaborate tone.

During your sleep period you will have at least five dreams, this is why it is so important to write your dreams down as soon as you wake in the morning, if you procrastinate the dream will begin to fade. Write down your dreams everyday so that it becomes second nature.

Don’t forget to write the date your dream took place, this way you can chart your lucid dreaming progress. Be as detailed as possible, write down how you felt, what you were doing, where you were, what was taking place around you, how you looked and who else was in the dream with you, the more detail the better the results and the more empowered you will feel.

The most intense way to lucid dreaming is by stating your intension before you go to sleep, you can be as detailed as you want to be. Lucid dreaming is one of the safest adventures you can have. Before going to sleep let your imagination run wild, create the most wonderful dreamscape for yourself. If you have a problem think about is before you fall asleep and imagine yourself waking up with the answer to your dilemma.

Your dream log is your most important tool, it is the key to getting the most out of your dreams. Don’t underestimate the power of dreams and how helpful they can by to you in your waking life. The more detailed your dream log the better you will feel as you begin to unlock your unconscious mind. As with any activity, once it becomes second nature the easier it becomes to do. It is essential for you to take time each morning to recall your dreams, the more you do it the easier it will become.

As with any form of learning there are four stages, the first stage is the unconscious incompetent stage, this is where you first begin to learn something you have never attempted before. The second stage is the conscious incompetent stage, you have now attempted something new but you are not yet adept. The third stage is the conscious competent stage, this is the stage where you have practiced and you have to concentrate to apply what you have learned. The final stage, the fourth stage, is mastery, this is where what you are doing becomes second nature and quite natural. Everytime you learn something new you go through these four stages.

While in the midst of a dream your logical mind is switched off, hence anything is possible. When you are dreaming everything feels real which is why dreams can be enlightening, romantic, daring, frightening, studious or as fantastic as the mind can conceive.

When you climb into bed tonight make sure you have your dream journal and a pen on your bedside table, write down what you would like to dream about before you go to sleep, then in the morning compare your dream notes. Once you begin documenting your dreams you will wonder how you ever got along without your dream journal.

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