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Introduction To Dreams Part 2

Ancient works are full of dream references, dreams have been interpreted for thousands of years, some believe there is a collective unconscious, this is a holding place of patterns that have been inherited through experiences, instincts pertaining to humans and expressed in dreams.

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote that the psyche is made up of the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious, therefore when you see a symbol in your dream you must decipher whether it is part of the collective unconscious or the personal unconscious. Jung wrote that the unconscious mind projected dream symbols in such a way to bring the unconscious and the conscious into balance and harmony.

Dreams deal with aspects of your life that you are unable to deal with in your waking state and understanding your dreams can help enormously as you proceed on a daily basis. The most important part of interpreting your dream is the personal significance to you, and how the dream relates to your way of life and your personal situation.

When you dream you are working things out in another dimension and the dreams you remember when you wake have been carried into your conscious reality for you to work through. When you dream your logical mind is resting, the dream world and your waking state work to support each other.

The dream world is rich with helpful information, there are symbols and situations that you can learn much from to support you in your waking state, dreams are attempting to bring mind body and spirit in sync. You can improve intuition with dreams by becoming more aware in this rich inner world that you travel through when you sleep, as you practice you will become more accurate with your interpretations. Dreams are your doorway to a magical way of understanding yourself and others on a deeper level, they help you to become self-aware and to gain insight into those closest to you, dreams are like learning another language and practice attunes you to be more in touch with your senses. Dreams can be quite childlike and take you on a fantastic journey to see magical creatures and to spend time in castles, to fly above the earth like a bird, to plunge into the ocean and commune with the creatures there. Within your dream state absolutely anything is possible, dreams also teach you about your subconscious and the areas of growth that have been stunted due to irrational fears. Dreams can help you to live a full, conscious and receptive full life. You delve into a well of truth as you dream, within a dream you are truly uninhibited and have a depth of creativity at your disposal. Dreams can help prepare you for changes in your life and you begin to think of yourself, even in your waking state, as more than just a physical being.

Dreams help to expand your consciousness as there are no limitations, becoming attuned gives you greater control, and the capacity to expand your senses on all levels, you begin to feel there are no barriers to impede your progress. Dreams help you to realise there is so much more to life and living, and many people believe that through an understanding of your dreams your life can only be enriched. Dream interpretation has been practiced throughout time.

There is an Egyptian papyrus that is dated around 1250 BC, written are 200 dreams that are described and interpreted by the priests of Horus, Horus was the Egyptian god of light.

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