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Hoodoo Jar Spells: The Black Jar for Cleansing, Banishing & More

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The Black Jar

Two basic kinds of workings which exist in every system of magick include those for cleansing and those for protection. In fact, it’s usually two of the first kinds of magick new practitioners learn and with good reason – physical and energetic safety first! The Black Jar is rooted in Hoodoo practice but is an amalgamation from various sources and acts both as cleansing and protection. The purpose of Hoodoo is to give power to the powerless. The Black Jar is useful in reclaiming personal power in situations where it is unjustly taken.

Its Magical Uses The Black Jar is a versatile Hoodoo jar spell and is great to have around the house. Its uses include: cleansing of a person or a space, aiding in the easement of physical, mental, and emotional ailments, absorbing negative energy, blocking jinxes, hexes, and curses, clearing past life contracts, and banishing entities.

INGREDIENTS: • 1 Empty Jar w/ Lid Sized According to Your Need (big problems = big jars) • Water (tap water is fine) • Ammonium Hydroxide (household ammonia) • 1-2 Activated Charcoal (capsules) • 1-2 Plain Round Magnet (any size that will fit in your jar) • 1 Silver Dime • 1 White Spell Candle or Tealight • 1 Petition Paper • 1 Pen • 1 Non-Permanent Marker (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. To preform this Hoodoo jar spell, the first step is to begin with a clear mind and an even temperament. 2. Write a petition specifying what you want the black jar to do. 3. If you want to make it more personal, feel free to write your name, symbol of power, sigil or applicable psalm on the jar. I recommend if you do this you make the markings with a non-permanent marker. 4. Fill the jar three-quarters of the way full with water. 5. Fill the rest of the jar with ammonium hydroxide. 6. Place the magnet in the jar. If you have a large jar, depending on the size of your magnets, you may want to use two. 7. Place the silver dime in the jar. 8. Empty activated charcoal capsule into the jar. Again, if your jar is over-sized you may want to use two capsules. 9. Place the lid on the jar and gently rock the jar to mix well. 10. Put the jar in the space in which you want to keep it. Some practitioners keep black jars around the perimeter of their home in the corners of the house as a protective or cleansing maintenance magick. 11. Once you have it in a set space, place your petition under the jar. 12. Place your hands on the jar and send what is on the petition into the jar with a focused intention. 13. Once you feel you have the intention in the jar, place your white candle on the jar’s lid and light it. This activates the jar. You should feel the jar start to work instantly. Continue to meditate on the flame of the candle for as long as you feel you need to for your intention to be infused into the working. 14. Once the candle is finished burning, leave the jar where it is. You will notice that over time the jar begins to turn clear from grey/black. When the activated charcoal either sinks to the bottom or floats to the top, the jar is finished. 15. Thank the spirits for aiding in your working and then pour the contents outside. If you wish you can choose to dispose of the contents at the crossroads. Sanitize the jar for reuse or dispose of the jar any way you wish.

The Black Jar is a Hoodoo jar spell that can work for anything from calming a bully at the office to clearing unwanted spirits from your home to just providing a negative energy filter in the home. Because of the ingredients involved, please keep the black jar in a safe place where it cannot be knocked over by loved ones and/or pets.

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