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Hearth and Home

The double fire day is an invitation to the hearth. The hearth is symbolic of many things, among them a central gathering place for family and friends. In Ireland there is a common saying: there's no hearth like your own hearth, similar to the phrase: "there's no place like home." Especially in the season of winter, we are called to intentionally cultivate the warmth and peace of belonging.

Your ritual today is to warm your own hearth and make an invitation to yourself. Begin by inhaling from the earth below you to your heart, then exhaling from your heart throughout your body. Do this a few times to ground and center.

Light candles or a fire if you have one at home. Create here an altar of peace, a haven for you to rest, if even for the smallest moment. Pull up a couple chairs or pillows with cozy blankets. One place will be for you and another for your inner child. Cuddle up. Sip warm tea from a favorite mug. And if you resonate with goddesses of the sacred flame, invoke Brighid or Hestia to come be with you by the fire.

Reflect/Journal: What are simple ways you can be kinder and more hospitable to all the parts of you, particularly your inner child?

May the Flame of the Hearth warm and bless you. May the Flame of the Healer keep you from illness and disease. May the Flame of Inspiration bring peace to your mind and heart. May the Sacred Flame guide and protect you today and always.

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