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Faeries and Elves Pt. 2

Cedarwood is considered sacred and a special favorite of the forest elves and woodland fairies. Chamomile attracts fairies and a few drops on a pillowcase will ensure sweet magical dreams. Geranium oil is a special favorite of garden fairies and geranium oil is especially useful for healing and abundance.

Honeysuckle is intoxicating to flower and woodland fairies, causing them to dance and sing. Before a fairy meditation, anoint yourself in geranium oil, it will draw love, romance and passion. Jasmine draws woodland elves and fairies, lavender promotes fairy dreams and heals, to ensure fairy dreams dot a little jasmine on your pillow before going to sleep.

Lemon draws fruit fairies and encourages happiness, joy, fun and pleasure. Neroli can be used on your body, bedding, in your bath, in an oil burner, it draws flower and tree fairies to you. Patchouli attracts woodland elves and fairies, it enhances love and fairy encounters. Pine attracts tree fairies and forest elves, it enhances creativity, strength and love. fairies love rose essence, it attracts flower, garden and woodland elves and fairies.

Use on your temples to enhance psychic abilities and light some before fairy meditation. Rose essence promotes love, heightens all senses, fosters joy and luck. Sandalwood attracts woodland elves and fairies, it enhances spiritual meditation, shape shifting and healing. Ylang-ylang, attracts flower and garden fairies and elves, it promotes passion, abundance and love. Elves and fairies are adept in the art of using herbs and essences.

The fairy and elf realm is carefully hidden, yet available to humans when most needed. There are certain times of year when the veil between worlds is finer and more accessible. It is easier to communicate with fairies and elves during a full Moon, especially during Halloween. Time in the immortal world of fairies and elves is quite different to time in the mortal world.

Humans visit the enchanted world and what seems like a short time to them may in actual fact be years, fairies and elves often visit the human world. Children are more likely than adults to catch sight of these glorious nature spirits. Fairy energy influences the lives of mortals, love, health wellbeing and prosperity.

Everyone sees fairies at one time or another, the flash of light in the corner of your eye, the sense someone is behind you and when you turn there is no-one there or you walk into a room and feel as though someone is there. When you wake in the morning or during the night and almost see something in that momentary space between waking and sleeping. When you have a strange sensation, sometimes accompanied by a tingling up and down the spine, you can be certain you have touched upon the fairy realm.

Norse mythology describes light and dark elves, the light elves lived above in the world of Alfheim, they glowed with light energy and were helpers of mortals. The dark elves (dwarves) lived in the underworld of Svartalfheim. These elves were bad tempered and did not like humans very much, they were very unfriendly to any mortals who were unlucky enough to encounter them. Light elves love the sunlight and live in the upper world, while dark elves (dwarves) live underground in the darkness.

There are many varieties of elves there are woodland elves, fire elves, gray elves, green elves, blue elves, gold elves, silver elves, high elves, lowland elves, river elves, sea elves, hill elves, forest elves, blessed elves, mountain elves, wind elves and meadow elves. Elves like to live in groups, you will rarely find a solitary elf, they are very social and when the opportunity arises they will be friendly towards mortals.

Elves are very protective towards nature and the Earth, and they want humans to take more care of the Earth and become more in touch with nature. Those who believe in fairies and are on the lookout for them, will often hear the fairy music which plays through the night while the fairies dance until dawn.

Just like fairies, elves can be either friendly or unfriendly, all elves are nature lovers, blending into the environment naturally becoming at one with the Earth. Elves communicate with each other telepathically, they do not age but can be hurt and killed if someone wishes them harm.

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