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Dream states Part 4

Lucid dreaming:

Lucid dreaming occurs more frequently in the early morning. You can learn how to incubate lucid dreaming:

(1) Make sure your sleeping environment is peaceful, calm and comfortable.

(2) On your bedside table have a pen/pencil and paper.

(3) Before you go to sleep think about the subject of your dream, be clear.

(4) During the day think about the theme of the dream you want to have, this prepares the mind for lucid dreaming.

(5) Describe the dream you want to have out loud, including as much detail as possible

(6) Write down the dream you want to have.

(7) Prepare your body for sleep. Make sure there are no noises, turn off the phone, television, radio. A comfortable mattress, bedding that is pleasant to the touch in a colour that appeals, an oil essence with a scent you love, or the scent of flowers, a comfortable pillow. Reduce tension, relax for several minutes before you climb into bed. Reading before you go to sleep will also relax you, poetry is especially relaxing.

(8) Read what you have written and be sure it makes sense, if not, revise.

(9) Immediately you have decided on the theme of your dream, spoken about it, thought about it and written it down, go to bed.

(10) Make sure your mind doesn’t wonder, only the source of your dream should be in your mind.

Lucid dreaming may take time to learn, but if you practice it will become second nature, lucid dreaming can help you reveal unresolved anxieties helping to create balance in your life. On the morning following your incubation dreaming, write down everything you saw felt and heard in your dream, then take your time and allow the answers to come to you.

Dream symbolism:

Dreaming is a language all its own, each dream is unique to the individual, even though many people seem to have similar dreams, such as flying or falling, a dream is personal and each dream carries its individual message to the dreamer. By writing your dreams down each morning you will tune in to the language of dreams and bring more understanding into your waking life. You will be able to solve problems more easily and understand yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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