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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

What Are Transits? Let us consider that an astrological chart is displayed as a circle and circles are made up of 360 degrees. This circle is divided into 12 signs (and houses) and each sign consists of 30 degrees. The planets transit, or move through, each sign at various speeds. The Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are those that are closest to Earth and are the fastest moving planets. For instance, the Sun takes about 360 days to move through all 12 signs, whereas the Moon takes about 28 1/2 days.

The Social Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) are a little further out from earth and so they move a little slower through the zodiac.

Finally, the Transpersonal Planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are even further out in the galaxy and are the slowest moving planets. In fact, since it's discovery in 1930, Pluto hasn't even completed one cycle around the Sun! Transits are tools used in Predictive Astrology as a form of divination to forecast events, devise strategies for working with the energies of the cosmos to bring about our dreams, goals and wishes while simultaneously mitigating any negative energies and forces which may be in play at any given time. ​A Beginner's Guide to Reading Transits The planets are always moving and therefore transits are constantly changing. Because your Natal Chart represents a fixed moment in time transits are read, or interpreted, against the backdrop of your Natal Chart. When a planet is said to be transiting a sign, it is considered to be in that same sign for everyone. However, since everyone's Natal Chart is different, the position of the planet is read in relation to the house that sign occupies in the Natal Chart. For example, if Venus is transiting Taurus and you have Taurus in the 7th House in your Natal Chart, then Venus is said to be transiting the 7th house. Nonetheless, Taurus can be in any of the other 12 houses in another person's Natal Chart. As you can see, the position of the planet in the twelve houses of the zodiac can affect individuals in various ways. Obviously, however, there are a finite number of houses and so 1/12 of the world will have Venus transiting the same house. Going back to our example of Venus in Taurus, we can determine more specifically how this position can play out in an individuals life. Let us assume then that Venus is in the 17th degree of Taurus. You then to look to the Natal Chart to determine the aspects between Transit Venus and the Natal Planets. So we look to the Natal Chart and see that we have Mars in the 20th Degree of Taurus. Since Natal Mars and Transit Venus are separated by three degrees, that are said to be in Conjunction. A conjunction is type of aspect which describes the relationship between planets. Aspects are determined by the number of degrees between planets. Now let's say that you look at your neighbor's chart for the same transit date and time. Let us say that your neighbor has Venus in the 17th degree of the 10th House. However, her Mars is the 18th degree of the 1st house. That is a different of 91 degrees. A distance of 90 degrees (plus or minus 6 degree) is considered a square. Again, aspects describe the relationships between planets. A conjunction is considered a "soft" or easy aspect whereas a square is thought to be a "hard" or difficult aspect. So while in your chart Venus and Mars are reacting harmoniously in your chart resulting in you being more willing to compromise in your relationships; for your neighbor that square bring sexual tension that lacks staying power. The Art of Interpretation The interpretation of astrological data is one of the more difficult aspects of learning astrology. However, with a few basic keywords the student may be able to string together simple sentences which enable the ability to extrapolate on the information given in order to expand their understanding of such planetary position. You will find a list of keywords in article the Your Natal Chart at the link on the bottom of this page. Let us say that you have the Moon in Aries and the 7th House. Let us use some keywords to help us understand what this means. Using the keywords given, you might say something like: I feel (the moon) strongly (Aries) about relationships (7th house). From there you might reason that Aries is associated with beginnings, they are often aggressive in their pursuit of what they want and initiators of events. So during a transit moon in Aries in the 7th house you might feel strongly about initiating a relationship with another person, aggressively pursuing them. If you are already in a relationship, you might feel more possessive and protective of your partner. Now let's try Mars in Leo and the 10th House. Using our keywords this might translate to I act (Mars) confidently (Leo) in Public (10th House). So when you have this position in your chart you appear confident and self assured in large groups, you are proud of the work that you do and the image that you project. However, you may also feel negatively towards anything or anyone that threatens to steal your thunder. Your Daily Transits The easiest way to begin studying your transits is by tracking the movement of the moon through the houses in your Natal Chart. The moon represents our emotional focus at any given time, how we nurture ourselves and others as well as our need for security in regards to our bodies, or environment and our relationships. Begin by erecting an astrological chart. If you want a general idea of what will happen that day, then draw up a chart for the specific day, in the place that you will be at 12:00 am. In astrology, the time you start something is important for understanding how it will unfold and develop, the obstacles you will encounter, etc... A chart erected for 12:00 on any particular day is essentially a birth chart for that day. However, let us say that you have a job interview and want to know how it will go. Your interview is at 2:00 pm on February 17th 2018 in Charleston, S.C. Then you draw up a chart for this date and time and then compare the transits to your their relative positions in your Natal Chart. In this case, you would look at any transiting planets occupying your natal 2nd House (money), the 6th House (work), or the 10th House (career) to start as well as the aspects or relationships between these planets. The Moon in the Twelve Houses Below you will find a basic guide to how the energies of the moon manifest in the various houses of the zodiac. It is suggested that you keep a record of events that transpire each day as well as the emotions you experience and compare these to the house the transiting moon occupies in your natal chart to determine the moon's specific influence on you. House of Self- It's hard to hide your emotions today and everything you feel is seen on your face. You don't hold back when it comes to expressing your emotions and may even feel a little moody. You are especially sensitive to your environment and may feel moved to re-arrange or re-decorate your environment or spend time in new surroundings.

House of Money- Money is at the forefront of your thoughts and you worry about not having enough. You may be feeling the urge for financial security and even find yourself purchasing or collecting material things in order to feel emotional satisfaction. You may receive a gift of money or material thing of value.

House of Communication- In this position you are much more animated and able to communicate your emotions to others in a sensible and clearly understandable manner. You may feel the urge to express yourself by writing down your feelings.

House of Home and Family- Being at home either alone or with loved ones brings you emotional comfort so you are not likely to leave the house unless you absolutely have to go somewhere. Relationships with family and lovers warm up and become more intimate and friendly. Your may experience feelings of nostalgia or feel the need to make your home more comfortable.

House of Love- Your confidence increases and you feel flirty and playful. You have the urge to express yourself in big, dramatic gestures and desire more attention that usual from others. You are also willing to go to extra lengths to get the attention and interest that you are craving. If you have children, this is a good time to spend some quality time with them.

House of Work- You are more critical now and see the problem with everything. You have a strong urge to improve and organize your life and make everything as efficient as possible. Since the 6th house also rules health, this is a good time to start an exercise routine or diet.

House of Relationships- Relationships bring you happiness and satisfaction right now. You want to be with your lover or close friends. If you are single, now is a good time to start searching for a lover or meet new friends.

House of Mystery- You may be experiencing a desire for a more intense and passionate connection with others. This may manifest as a desire for sexual intercourse or the need to understand people from a deep psychological perspective. You find yourself drawn to mystical experiences and exploring darker subjects.

House of Knowledge- You might be feeling more upbeat, positive, and optimistic during this time. This expansive attitude may also lead you to explore the world, to seek out adventure and excitement. You are drawn to other people, cultures, religions, or ways of thinking. This is a good time to try something new.

House of the Public- You don't shy away from the public at this time and want to be out front and center where you can be seen. You warm to others and and are more aware of how you are perceived by them and the state of your public reputation. This is a good time to schedule a business meeting or job interview.

House of Friends- You are more sensitive to the needs of your friends and want to nurture your relationship(s) with them. Being part of a group of like-minded people brings your satisfaction and this is a good time to join a group, organization, or cause that you identify with or believe in.

House of the Hidden- You need to get away from it all right now, so you draw away from the world to be by yourself and explore inner realms. You need peace and quiet.Being the last house, this is a position of endings so it is also a good time to put the finishing touches on projects and complete goals that you have been putting off before starting new ones. Other Considerations In addition to the moon sign, you may also want to consider the Phase of the Moon and whether the moon is Void-Of-Course. If you are accustomed to planning your spells and rituals by the moon phases them you should already be familiar with how to work with them Phases of the Moon New Moon- A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in conjunction. When the moon is new, this is a good time for beginning something. The house that the moon occupies at the exact moment of the New Moon will indicate the area of life for which you will have more energy and motivation to start making changes. When the new moon occurs in the 7th house, you may meet a new lover or begin a new relationship.

Waxing Moon- A waxing moon occurs when the sun and moon are 90 degrees apart. This is a good time to review how far you have come in the process of achieving a goal and to review what is left to be done.

Full Moon- A full moon occurs when the sun and more are in opposition. This is a time of endings and completion. Therefore the area of life governed by the house the full moon occupies may experience an ending or completion of some kind. For instance, when the Full Moon is in the 6th house, your job may come to an end.

Waning Moon- Like the waxing moon, a waning moon occurs when the sun and moon are 90 degrees apart again. This is a good time to review your accomplishments, decide what you what is important to you and what is not. The house occupied by the waning moon may indicate an area of life that needs to be cleared out in order to make room for something new. Sometimes the moon is said to be Void-of-Course. The moon is void-of-course when it makes its last major aspect to another planet before leaving the sign it currently occupies. This state can last anywhere from a few seconds to three days. Once the moon ingresses, or enters, the next sign it is no longer void-of-course. When the moon is void-of-course it is a time for rest when no action is called for. During this time you should refrain from making any major decisions, signing important paperwork, or scheduling any important meetings. Aspects to the Moon Finally, the last thing you should consider is the aspects of the transiting moon to the planets in your natal chart. The aspects between the moon and the other planets will bring an added dimension to your understanding of how the energies of the moon and planets will manifest in your daily life. For instance, a transiting moon trine the natal mercury will manifest much different than a transiting moon square natal mercury. Whereas a trine is considered an easy aspect that comes off like second nature, a square brings tension and difficulties. ​Widening the Circle Once you get comfortable tracking the transits of your moon (including the moon phases and aspects) you can then begin tracking the transits of other planets. You can systematically begin with the Sun and work your way through the planets in order or start with the planet that most interests you and then move on to the next one once you feel you have a good understanding of it's transits. Again, it is advisable to keep a written record of your experiences so that when a specific transit occurs again you will know what to expect. With practice and experience you will be able to take the information of all the transits into consideration and develop an understanding of how your daily life will unfold, the dominant energies at play, the obstacles you may encounter, etc.... Admittedly, this is a lot of work to complete on a daily basis so you may only wish to concentrate on the transits of the Personal Planets and disregard the Social and Interplanetary Planets. However, this process will lay the ground work for interpreting Lunar and Solar Return Charts later.

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