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Rabbit's Foot Animal Curios are those curios which consists of the body parts of living animals which have been humanly collected and preserved in some way. Examples of animal curious include but are not limited to, the following: A Rabbit Foot Ants Raccoon Penis Bones Chicken Bones Most of these associations were developed through application of the Doctrine of Signatures, a belief which holds that the Creator (i.e. God, the Universe, etc...) marked everything in existence with a sign, or signature, which indicates its intended use. Furthermore, by careful observation one can determine the uses of a plant from an aspect of its form such as the shape of its roots or leaves, its color, place of growing, or even its name. For example, Walnuts are believed to cure ailments of the head because they resemble a human head; buckeyes are carried for male potency, and to attract sexual partners as they resemble a young boy's testicles; in like fashion ammonia, which sounds like harmony, is often used to cleanse objects of negativity; and Thyme which sounds like time, is believed to draw in money as it has often been reported, "time IS money." Selected Animal Curios and their Uses Alligator Foot/Tooth: These curios are used in conjure to attract good luck, money, and to win at gambling. Ant: Ants (living or dead) are used in conjure to send messages to others, curse enemies and force them to wander. Badger Tooth: Similar to alligator teeth, a badger's tooth is used to win at games of chance. Bat: The whole-dried heart of a bat is worn under the left arm to win at gambling. Black Cat Bone- When obtained as part of a heartless ritual which calls for boiling the cat alive, the black cat bone is said to confer invisibility or return a lost love. Black Cat Hair: Used to win at games of chance or to separate couples (usually in conjunction with black dog hair.) Black Dog Hair: The hair of a black dog is used to curse enemies, break up couples, and to banish people. Cat’s Eye Shell: These charms which come from an ocean-dwelling musk are used mainly for protection from the evil eye and gossip. Crab-Shell Powder: Powder made from pulverized crab shells are used in reversing spells and to make people back off. Cowry Shell- These shells, which come from a snail, have been used for divination and are said to act as the mouth of God due to their resemblance to human mouths. They have also been used to decorate spell bottles and voodoo dolls. Eggs: Eggs are used in healing spells to remove illness and curses. In addition, they are used to curse enemies, discover the identity of a murderer, and their shells have been used as containers for spells. Frog: A live frog is used to win at games of chance by placing it in a mojo bag around your neck while you are gambling; they are also said to grant winning lottery numbers by listening carefully to their croaking. Finally, the left bone of a frog is said to stir lust in a person when it is bound to them. Human Finger Bone: The finger bones of a human being are used in charms and spells to attract and keep money, win at gambling, and excelling at anything which makes use of the hands. Rabbit Foot: Probably the most famous and popular good luck charm, the foot of a rabbit is said to bring luck in love, money, or business. Raccoon Penis Bone: The bone from a racoon's penis is used in conjure to win at gambling and attract a lover. Turkey-Bone: While the wish-bone is used for prosperity and money drawing spells, turkey bones were used by girls along the Appalachian mountains to increase desire in their male lovers and make them more amorous.

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