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Add a little magic to every element of your life—from food to beauty to healthcare.

Respectful of natural elements and cycles, the modern witch (men included) makes every effort to find the benefits in each ingredient he or she uses. In this magical recipe book, you can find natural recipes for delicious foods, tonics, masks, and ointments. These recipes are not only fantastic and fun to eat and use, but also boost immunity, longevity, energy, and even fertility. Each ingredient is used to its full potential to help you achieve optimal health, prevent pains, fight blue days, boost energy, purify the body, cleanse skin, and more! Included are recipes such as:

Mushroom Quiche for Immunity

Comfort Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash

Scallops for Fertility

Mini Parmentiers for Vitality

Moon Macarons for Dreaming

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk

Antioxidant Mask for Eternal Youth

And chapters devoted to healing potions, sweet spells, natural beauty products, culinary secrets and so much more!

This fantastical collection combines a respect for nature with indulgent (and healing) pleasures. With generous recipes, healing potion-drinks, natural skin and other beauty cares, you can learn how to imbue every day, and recipe, with magic in The Natural Witch's Cookbook.! Hardcover: 208 pages

The Natural Witch's Cookbook