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The Jar Spells Compendium: Discover How to Become an Expert Witch and The Importance of Astrology In Wicca, Unleash Your Power and Craft Spell Bottles to Gain Love, Luck, Health, Wealth and Much More

Within this compendium, YOU WILL DISCOVER:

HOW TO CREATE REAL WITCH SPELLS POTS AND GET BENEFITS: Discover all the requirements for you to be able to create real witch jar of spells and unleash your creative potential, attract prosperity, elevate your inner spirituality and much more.

STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE FOR CREATING MAGIC SPELLS: Unleash your ideational power and create all the different recipes illustrated within the manual to increase your vital energies and enhance your spiritual connection.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHITE MAGIC AND BLACK MAGIC AND THE HISTORY OF WICCA: Discover the difference between white magic and black magic and their characteristics from the past to the present, learn the secrets of Wicca, experiment and increase your skills as a skilled and experienced witch, and enhance your ideational potential.

THE IMPORTANCE OF ASTROLOGY IN WICCA AND THE ART OF WITCHCRAFT: Learn the importance of astrology in Wicca, discover all facets of witchcraft and foolproof methods to become a skilled witch and embark on your magical journey in the best way possible.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR AN ENCHANTING RITUAL: Get everything you need for a perfect ritual thanks to the complete list of various ingredients compiled within the manual.

TRICKS AND TIPS FOR THE PERFECT WITCH: Discover the unknown tricks and techniques of the perfect witch to unleash all your power and create enchanting witch bottles for every occasion.


Publisher‎: Independently

published: (December 21, 2022)

Language‎: English

Paperback‎: 90 pages

The Jar Spells Compendium by Minerva Bath

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