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Tea Witchcraft: Over 160 Recipes To Prepare Magic Brews for Love, Protection, Divination, and Healing. Change your Life with the Power of Herbs!

BONUS: 75 Tasseography Symbols and Meanings.

Have you heard about tea magic but feel a little taken aback by the great variety of herbs and possible correspondences?

✨Are you looking for an easy way to enhance the power of your spells and get a bit closer to accomplishing your dreams?

✨Would you like to incorporate tea and infusions into your life to heal and slow down?

If your answer is yes to even one of these questions, then THIS is the book you were looking for!

Tea is a highly flexible (and delicious!) magic element that can help modern witches manifest all their goals. Thanks to the powerful energies of plants and nature, in fact, tea witchcraft grants you the opportunity to create all kinds of spells and rituals. And, at the same time, take care of your body, mind, and soul.

In this magical compendium, you will discover:

Tea magic’s rich history and all the different forms you can incorporate this enchanted element into your life: get ready to find out about a brand new way to boost your everyday rituals!

Everything about teas and infusions: all the secrets of base teas, their magical and healing properties, and the most effective herbal correspondences.

How to prepare all kinds of brews, the specific advantages of the different preparation methods, and the best ways to make your teas even more powerful: benefit from the extra energy of other mighty correspondences such as Moon Phases, Days of the Week, Candle Magic, and Zodiac Signs!

Tasseography 101: easy-to-follow and practical information that will guide you through the centenary art of tea leaves reading. Including 75 symbols and meanings to start practicing right away!

Over 160 magical recipes for Spiritual and Physical Health, Divination, Abundance and Success, Protection, Love, and Self-Care.

Tea Witchcraft

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