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In this work book :

• you get an extensive introduction to shadow work

• you get detailed information about shadow work

• you will find useful and helpful prompts• the prompts and questions don't repeat themselves

• you get a lot of space to write in the "exercises" section

• more than 60 tasks await you in the "exercise" section, where you will explore anything that triggers fear, anger, sadness, hatred, jealousy, and guilt within you. You will also look at your positive qualities.

• In this journal, we don't touch on religious issues

Are you ready to face what your parents, peers, and society have rejected about you?

Would you like to finally experience unconditional self-love?

Do you want to live in harmony with yourself?

If so, this Shadow Work workbook is absolutely essential for you to be able to accomplish this

Bonuses: meditation techniques, how to do mirror work, and personal support from me for life!

Every kit comes with handmade products to rejuvenate your soul after working on yourself.

Items may differ:

• Candle

• Smudging herb

• Bath salts

• Lotion

• Tea

• Custom made Mug

(over 100 pages are in this Handmade kit!)

Shadow work Journaling Workbook Kit

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