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The coating on the coffee mug with the words "My Favorite Child Gave Me This Mug" won’t crack, peel or fade. It is a proud of her to reminder how much you love her.To help them enjoy cup after cup of nourishing cocoa & chocolate drinks on Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, & other occasions.

The rose bath bomb and rose soap are natural ingredients & use with confidence. They can cleanse the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and rejuvenating. Bringing her a luxurious and sublime home spa experience, she can indulge herself with a luxurious floral bubble bath while enjoying her favorite drink for a special time.

This rose-scented candle is made from plant-extracted soy wax and essential oils. Our candles will help you relax, soothe, restore and balance your body and mind. Burning time is 40-50 hours.The Beautiful and durable candle glass jar can be recycled to make stylish decorations or collectibles around every corner. For best results, burn candles 2–3 hours at one time.

【Package includes】: 1 x 14oz Pink Coffee Mug, 1 x Golden Spoon, 1 x Lavender Scented Candle, 1 x Rose Bath Bomb, 1 x Rose Soap, 1 x Greeting Card, 1 x Exquisite package box.

Brand: Easymoo

Material: Glass

Capacity: 14 Ounces

Scented Candle Gift Set

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