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Call on the power of magic and defend your life from the negative energies of the world.

Are you an up-and-coming witch, warlock, or spiritual healer who is facing the effects of negative energy -- whether intentional or not?

Have you ever felt extremely overwhelmed and stressed and didn’t know how to protect yourself from such anxiety?

Are you worried about negative influences on your loved ones and are looking for a quick solution to bring balance to the world?

Negativity is all around us, whether we like it or not. It can come in various forms such as stress or ill-wishes from someone who wants to hurt you.

You could be a victim of curses or negative energies projected by bullies, enemies, or another witch.

Even if you don’t feel under attack, it’s always a good idea to set up protective enchantments in your life.

Whether they are psychic attacks or parasites sucking the life out of you, protection spells are your gateway to live a balanced and stress-free life.

Protection Spells can help guide you through the many magickal enchantments, objects, spells, incantations, and daily practices that will help ward off negative energy.

You can face your attacker head-on… or secretly deflect their evil influences with inspiring and magical spells.

All it takes is the power of your energies and the abilities of your magic.

In Protection Spells, you will discover:

20+ protective spells that can help shield yourself, your loved ones, or your home from known or unknown enemies

How to recognize different attacks -- and the 4 types of attackers that may be hindering your spirit

5 daily practices that every witch needs to adopt to live a happy and balanced life

4 effective protection techniques that can help you ward off negative energies

The divine object can help you radiate positive energy from amulets to jars

Banishing spells that can ward off negative energies and curses so you can go through life without stress or anxiety

A powerful full moon meditation that can bring peace, positivity, and vitality

And much more.

If you’ve felt the negative effects of psychic attacks or negative influences, this is the go-to guide that will give you the right protection.

Whether you’re an experienced witch, warlock, or spiritual healer -- or you’ve just started out -- Protection Spells can help turn your life around and bring safety and balance.

Book: Paperbacks

It all starts with a spell… and the rest is magic!

Protection Spells: Learn What Witches, Warlocks, and Spiritual Healers Do to Shi

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