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An equal mix of fun and thoughtful questions for parent and child to answerNo essays or long answers required!Questions are mostly fill-in-the-blank, checklists or multiple choice.Extra space is provided for extended answers if desired.All are engaging, quick and easy.Connect with your child like never before!Growing up can be a challenging, amazing and confusing time for parents and their children. This insightful journal/workbook, will help start, improve, and rebuild a positive relationship between parent and  child.Encouraging communication and bonding has never been so fun!Did you know that the biggest issue that children have with their parents is communication? Whether it is the belief that parents don't listen, don’t' trust them enough, or treat them as if they are "just kids". Communication is the cornerstone of parenthood.This journal helps tear down those communication barriers and allows you to uncover the true motivation behind your child's actions, bridging the road to more thoughtful discussionsThis journal will:• Encourage positive communication between parent and child• Create easy, engaging bonding time• Provide a peak into your child’s thoughts and motivations• Help discover issues facing your daughter• Help you discover what you do that bothers your child the most.Coloring Pages: INSPIRATIONAL AND MORE COLORING PAGESGuaranteed to create a discussion in a painless way for your preteen/teen daughter to share her thoughtsFor ages 12 and up.(over 100 pages are in this Handmade  kit!)( picture not the actual picture of the product )

Parent and Child Journal Kit

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