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Palmistry: Palm Reading For Beginners - The 72 Hour Crash Course On How To Read Your Palms And Start Fortune Telling Like A Pro

Unearth the art of palmistry with this practical beginner’s guide.

How would your life change if your future was really in your hands? Do you want to explore the ancient skill of palmistry and harness it to give you surprising insights into your personality and your most likely pathway to success? Then keep reading!

Stretching back to the dawn of history, palmistry is an ancient skill which our ancestors used to read fortunes, tell the future, and gain a profound understanding of our personalities. This fascinating art holds the potential to give you a unique look into yourself, and perhaps even show you how you can find the best path to long-lasting success and fulfillment.

Now, join best-selling author and spiritual enthusiast Mia Rose as she teaches you how you can begin reading palms with ease. Whether you want to baffle and amuse your friends, decipher the story of your love or money lines, or simply keep this ancient and intriguing skill alive, Palmistry for Beginners is your ticket to the incredible world of palmistry.

Inside this practical guide, you’ll find:

A Beginner’s Introduction To Palmistry and Its Incredible History

How To Uncover The Secrets In Your Palm

A Detailed Look at Mounts, Lines and Symbols

Understanding The Role of The Fingers In Palmistry

Exploring The Minor Symbols

And More!

With step-by-step instruction and easy-to-follow advice, this fun and simple book reveals how you can understand the secrets hidden in your palms. Don’t ignore this ancient wisdom for any longer – if you’re looking for some profound hints to show you the best path for you to take in life, then palmistry is for you.

Publisher‎: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform (April 20, 2015)

Language‎: English

Paperback‎: 39 pages



Palmistry: Palm Reading For Beginners

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