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Manifestation Journal for Black Women: Powerful Law of Attraction Guided Journal and Exercises to Attract Wealth, Abundance, Love, and Happiness (Self-Care for Black Women)

Finally! An easier way to manifest the life of your dreams!

Do you struggle with making the Law of Attraction work for you?

Do you wish there was a tailored action plan for black women to manifesting your dreams?

If you’ve answered yes, this book is for you.

Amazon best-selling author, Layla Moon will guide you through the infinite potential of the Law of Attraction and exactly how to tap into it within this journal.

This powerful manifestation journal will help you:

Match the vibrational frequencies of what you seek to manifest

Visualize and believing that your desires are already a reality

Step-by-step action plan to follow to attract your desires

Shift your subconscious programming to be able to attract positive results into your life

Improve your inner peace and happiness with gratitude exercises

Find what truly inspires you and keep you motivated

Get into alignment with the universe and its infinite power

Manifest your dream life

And so much more

Filled with tons of cutting-edge Law of Attraction techniques, exercises, journal prompts and tools, this journal is the perfect way to manifest the life you truly deserve.

You are the designer of your life. The author of your story. It is time to step into your greatness and manifest the life you were meant to live. This book was created specifically for black women in mind to help you tap into the potential of the Law of Attraction.

Discover a new way to manifest through a form of self-care with this guided journal.

Manifestation Journal for Black Women

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