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Smells like wood scents of mahogany & teakwood intertwine with hints of clean lavender.

STYLISH DESIGN & PREMIUM HOME FRAGRANCES: Urban Naturals offers an array of beautifully designed Reed Diffusers in a variety of sophisticated scents to complement any decor style and space. Our luxurious essential oil blends create calming, uplifting, or relaxing ambiances in your home. With long-lasting, refreshing fragrances, our reed diffusers are perfect for enhancing home decor, providing aromatherapy benefits, and freshening the air in any room.

CONVENIENT & LONG-LASTING SCENTS: Experience continuous, low-maintenance fragrance with our reed diffusers, designed for ease of use and lasting scent diffusion. No flame or heat required, offering a safe and convenient alternative to candles, wax melts, and plug-in air fresheners. Set includes a filled glass bottle, fragrance reeds, and a stylish gift box.

Amazing Quality

Formulated using exquisite ingredients. Our Reed Diffuser Set is:

Vegan formula

Cruelty free - not tested on animals





Easy to Use

Our reed diffuser sticks set is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the reeds in the glass bottle, and allow the fragrance to disperse naturally throughout the room. The scent intensity can be adjusted to your liking by adding or removing reeds from the bottle. Freshen the scent by flipping the sticks.

Safety Information :

Use caution when pouring oil into bottle or jar and when flipping your reeds as oils can damage some surfaces. Do not light reed sticks. Do not ingest.

Directions :

Important: Do not spill oil on wood or finished surfaces as oil will damage furniture and surfaces. Remove the cork stopper. Place reeds inside bottle. Let reeds draw the oil for an hour or 2 then flip reeds over to expose oil-moistened reeds to the air. Flip the reeds over about once a week or as desired for a fresh fragrance burst. Over time, reeds will get clogged. When that happens, replace reeds.

What's in the box

Glass Bottle Filled with Diffuser Oil, 3.75 ounces

8 Diffusing Rattan Reed Sticks

Elegant Packaging

Brand Urban Naturals

Mahogany & Black Teakwood blend with Lavender Reed Diffuser Scent Sticks Gift S

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