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Discover the magic of jar spells and enchant your life with this complete guide for the intrepid witch!

Specially written for passionate witches who want to explore a fascinating part of traditional folk culture, this handy guide is bursting with simple advice and instructions to help you channel your Wiccan energy and embrace your spiritual side.

Inside, you’ll delve into the delightful world of jar spells, unearthing how to tap into your inner magic and manifest your deepest desires with a fun collection of easy spell ideas.

Ranging from step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect flask, where to source the best ingredients, and tips and tricks for designing a jar spell that grants your wishes, this complete Wiccan handbook unlocks a new world of magic.

Even if you’re a brand-new witch, The Jar Spells Ccompendium gives you the confidence and tools you need to begin casting jar spells for abundance, health, money, love, positivity, protection, anxiety relief, and so much more.

Plus, inside you’ll also find a brilliant bonus journal with an easy-to-use layout and tons of useful features, including the date and day of your spell, the moon phase, a simple ingredients list, and tons of space for you to jot down every detail about your spell.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

Step-By-Step Instructions For Channeling Your Intentions and Design Your Jar Spell

Where To Find The PERFECT Ingredients For Your Jar Spells (Along With a Detailed List of Their Magical Properties)

A Bonus Journal With Ample Space To Make Your Own Spells and Record Your Favorites

A Whopping Done-For-You Magical Spell Ideas To Kickstart Your Journey With Jar Spells

And So Much More…

As a treasure trove of magical wisdom that will give you the foundation you need to begin designing your very own jar spells, The Jar Spells Ccompendium is a fun read that will answer all of your burning questions.

The Jar Spells Compendium: A Step by Step Guide…

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