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Herbalism for Witches: Create Your Magical Garden While Discovering The Hidden Power of Plants Through Spells, Rituals and Remedies for Your Body and Spirit

Heal, energize, and purify your daily life with the magical power of plants and herbs.

From herbal remedies to healing spells, this book will teach you everything you need to know about harnessing earth's magic, healing both physical and emotional ailments, and realizing your creative potential.

Rooted in ancient folk magic and green witchcraft, this book will guide you in tapping into the wisdom and innate power of flowers, plants, herbs, and essential oils.

Whether you are a new witch or passionate about understanding the hidden power of the earth, this book will raise your creative potential, enhance your craft, and create a deep sense of connection to the magic of nature. Here is a sample of what you will discover:

HERBAL REMEDIES & GREEN SPELLS- This book delivers a step-by-step guide to discovering plants' phytotherapeutic and magical properties. Easily create remedies and spells to harness the complete healing power of nature

POWERFUL PLANT BLENDS -Written with a deep knowledge of ancient witch tradition, these green magic recipes were crafted by skillfully blendingthe most potent ingredients. Easy to replicate, these recipes harness the power of simplicity so that even a novice witch can experience exceptional results.

CREATE YOUR MAGIC GARDEN - Whether using pots or garden beds, this herb spell book will teach you how to create and grow a magic garden. You can quickly start growing your herbal spell and remedy ingredients, perfect for novice gardeners and green thumbs.

FORAGING TIPS - This green witch book will also provide information on foraging and tapping into the most vital energies that naturally occur around you. Access to forests is not essential, and green magic can be practiced anywhere- even in the city!

WISDOM OF ANCIENT MAGIC - Far more than a simple collection of spells, this magic spell book harnesses the power of some of the most effective recipes and ingredients used throughout the history of the ancient folk magic tradition.

MAGIC CORRESPONDENCE- Unlike many herbal spell books that provide recipes, this book will deep-dive into the meaning and connection of each ingredient. Your power will be unmatched by understanding plants' therapeutic and spiritual qualities.

This book contains everything you need to begin your green witchcraft journey. Whether purchased for yourself or for a loved one that is new to magic, this book is the perfect gift to expand your spiritual powers!

Herbalism for Witches

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