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Gin tastes good!

Even better with your personal flavor – Do Your Gin! Be creative, use first-class spices and create your own natural aroma.

The Do Your Gin Set contains the ingredients to make your own craft Gin. The set contains twelve glass cylinders, three of which contains fresh juniper and nine with exciting spices. Also included in the box are two empty glass bottles with the Do Your Gin label for you to individualize your creation, a funnel and three pre-selected recipe suggestions.

370 Million Flavors.

With nine spices, there are theoretically over 370 million different flavors. Experimenting with these will create an extraordinary taste experience you will not find in any industrially produced gin. How Do you Do Your Gin?

12 glass cylinders, 3 of which contains fresh juniper and 9 with exciting spices

2 empty glass bottles with natural wooden cork stoppers

high quality stainless steel funnel and filters

3 pre-selected recipe suggestions

information about the botanicals

2 labels to document and sign your batch

You buy the alcohol (neutral alcohol such as vodka or alcohol spirit diluted to 40% vol alcohol).

DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

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