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What do I need to know? Probably the most popular daily tarot card question, and for good reason! Ask the cards and listen to your intuition for insight and guidance—and to strengthen your daily tarot practice.

This simple, easy-to-use daily journal provides space for you to record a daily tarot card draw. The more you use tarot, the more you can connect to the source (the Universe, God, the Divine, your spirit guides, guardian angels—whatever you believe).

In a quiet space, take a few deep breaths to ground your energy. When you’re ready, shuffle your cards, and ask your question. It can be simple, like: What do I need to know today? Or something specific that you need guidance on.

Draw your card (however it feels right, there is no wrong way to draw a card!). What’s your immediate impression? What stands out? Close your eyes and let your intuition guide you.

Free write words or phrases or sentences to tell the story of the card as you interpret it in that moment. Jot down symbols, colors, signs—anything of significance to watch for throughout the day.

In the evening, spend a few minutes of reflection. Where did you see the card at play? Perhaps you only make the connection now that the day is over. Your intuition will strengthen as your daily tarot card practice becomes habit.

120 journal pages ( paperback ) = 60 days of daily tarot card draws: multi-lined sections for noting your deck, card, mood, interpretation, key elements, and for reflecting at the end of the day.

Those 60 days can be every day or every other day or once a week: you set the date, you set the pace.

Generously sized (8.5 x 5) to give you plenty of room to write, but not so large you can’t take it with you.

About the Author

With an assortment of categories (daily gratitude, bible study, booktok, book club, meal planning, manifestation, tarot, and more) in a variety of cover personalities, we make journaling easy!

Daily Tarot Card Journal for Tracking Daily Tarot Readings & Reflections

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