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For centuries, this straightforward technique has remained a mystery. Even today, most people have all but forgotten about the power of the flame and left its preservation to a chosen few.

And now you can master that same fiery power that has secretly manifested humanity’s greatest achievements to this day.

In Candle Magic: The Basics, you’ll discover:

How you can manifest 10x faster by using these 4 basic elements found anywhere

Why the flame truly holds the power to give you your dream life

Which herbs to add to your candle that will amplify your desires tenfold

The single most powerful element you need for manifesting anything in your life

Which specific candles you should use in order to open up infinite possibilities — and which candles you should avoid

The untold power of color magic — focusing on this color will give you a crazy advantage over your peers

The 4 easy steps to casting your first candle spell by yourself

24 candle spells to help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of

How to interpret your flame and determine what your outcome will be before it even happens

4 simple spells to instantly fill yourself with the confidence and ambition to achieve your goals

And much more.

Even if you’ve never manifested anything in your life… you can quickly master the art of candle magic and develop life-changing skills, without taking years to practice.

Whether you just found out about candle magic only moments ago, or you’ve read about this ancient art before and want to know more, here you will find clear step-by-step instructions for shaping your spiritual fantasies into the physical world around you.

Material: Paperback ( 160 pages )

Candle Magic the Basics: Transform and Manifest Your Life by Utilizing the Power

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