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Working With The Magick Of Moon Water

Defined: Moon Water is water that has been charged with the light and energy of the Moon, either in the New Moon stage or the Full Moons stage. It is further imbued with energy by the sign the Moon is in for that Lunar Cycle.

THE SIGN, THE LUNAR PHASE + THE ENERGETIC When the Moon is New it is in the same sign as the Sun. For example: New Moon in Libra will mean the Sun is in Libra as well. When the Moon is Full it is in the opposite sign that the Sun is in.

For Example: Full Moon in Libra means the Sun is in Aries. This is important because when you charge your water you have a choice regarding the energetics you want to imbue it with and work with. Charging your Moon Water under a New Moon will mean it is a stronger orientation in its sign than if it were on a Full Moon. That being said, there is a lot of magick and potency in Full Moon Water. The dance between one sign and it’s opposite (which doesn’t necessarily mean exact opposite attributes) holds a lot of energy, meaning and opportunity for subtlety in the magick we create with this water. There is a balance and tension here that is rich for exploration.

SOME USES FOR MOON WATER 1. Personal development 2. Banishings 3. Release 4. Manifestation Spells 5. Healing Potions 6. Ritual Recipes For Feasts 7. Anointing 8. Blessings 9. Cleansing 10. Feeding Magical Plants 11. Charging Crystals 12. Consecrating Magickal Tools 13. Elemental Magick 14. Divination 15. Ritual Baths 16. Initiations 17. Activating a spell, poppet, item, etc.

CREATING MOON WATER: 1. Use an ephemeris (book or online) to determine the date of the next New Moon or Full Moon. 2. Choose your water from a clean pure source, especially if you’re going to be ingesting it. 3. Choose the appropriate bottle for the sign, though any bottle will do. Glass or ceramic is preferable, and always easy to clean. 4. For New Moon Water, you can charge it for up to nights STARTING on the night of/after the New Moon commences. 5. For Full Moon Water, you can charge it starting 2 nights prior to the Full Moon. 6. Choose a place outside that is safe, flat and won’t be disturbed. 7. ALWAYS cover your bottle of water so nothing falls inside. 8. Cleanse the space with incense of choice to clear the space, but also mark it for its intentional use 9. Place the bottle on the wooded etched Moon Grid or something that designates that space as sacred. (Crystals can also be used) 10. A ring of salt can also be placed around the space where the bottle full of water sits for protection. 11. Speak the following incantation or one that you’re inspired to create for yourself: Mother Moon Shine Your Light Imbue This Water Throughout The Night 1. Leave the bottle out overnight for up to 3 nights using the guidelines stated above. 2. Retrieve the water in the early morning hours before the Sun hits it. 3. Store in a safe place.

CARE + KEEP 1. Use clean pure water – filtered, bottled, etc. 2. Keep bottle covered when not in use. 3. If you’re going to drink the water, use within the first 2 weeks if you’ve kept it covered. Treat as you would bottled water. 4. If you’re using as an ingredient in other potions that will not be ingested, water can be kept longer to indefinitely. An example would be if you’re adding salt to make a cleansing ritual water. This can be kept as long as needed. 5. If you’ve kept your water for the course of an entire solar year, discard and make a new batch at that particular Moon sign.

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