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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I wanted to do a blog on Depression. Some people think because we are witches we are prone to "the human struggles". We are human and we struggle like the rest of the humans on this Earth! Here are some of my choices to help with Depression for all humans eventhough the title says: Witches with Depression.


🔹 Chamomile (helps combat insomnia, a common symptom of depression) 🔹 Green (contains an amino acid known as theanine which is known to fight depression) 🔹 St John’s Wort (contains compounds known as hypericin and hyperforin, which may affect activity of the brain’s serotonin system) 🔹 Lemon Balm (works as a mild sedative and can ease anxiety and depression) 🔹 Ginger Root (helps to increase important neurotransmitters than can regulate your mood) 🔹 Lavender (research shows that lavender can help combat depression, and has been said to rival antidepressants) 🔹 Peppermint (the menthol in peppermint leaves helps calm mood and aides sleep)


🔹 Smoky Quartz (helps elevate moods, overcome negative emotions, and relieves depression) 🔹 Rose Quartz (is a known healer and can help replace negative feelings with love and compassion) 🔹 Amethyst (combats stress and releases a relaxed energy) 🔹 Citrine (emits a sunny, optimistic energy which can aide in combating depression and anxiety) 🔹 Angel Aura Quartz (is known to help with mental illness, and it’s energy can help process emotional disturbances, grief, or trauma)


🔹 Lavender (reduces stress physically and mentally, and promotes deep sleep) 🔹 Jasmine (helps with alertness, evokes an uplifting energy, and is believed to ease symptoms of depression) 🔹 Ylang Ylang (has a calming affect that elevates mood and is known to help with physical and mental symptoms of anxiety and depression) 🔹 Lemongrass (promotes emotional balance, and uplifts emotional weight) 🔹 Sandalwood (encourages calmness, serenity, and feelings of well being)


🔹 Daily Ritual To Ease Depression 🔹 Encourage Positivity Spell 🔹 Self Care Sachet! 🔹 Inner Peace Sigil 🔹 A Charm To Dispel A State Of Melancholy 🔹 Body, Mind, And Soul Purifying Spell 🔹 Motivation Charm Bag 🔹 I Am Free From Negative Energies Sigil 🔹 Bathe Me The Fuck Better Bath Spell 🔹 De-Stress, Self-Love Sugar Scrub 🔹 Insomnia Sigil 🔹 Depression Bottle Charm And Ritual 🔹 Icarus’s Self Love Powder 🔹 Soft Skin, Soft Soul Bath Ritual 🔹 Candle Spell To Help Combat Depression 🔹 Quiet Mind Sachet 🔹 Be At Peace Spell 🔹 Feel A Little Better Bath Spell 🔹 To The Sun Spell Jar


🔹Spend time in the sun, and in nature. Even if you only go and sit in your backyard, it will help, and make you feel a bit better

🔹Drink water! LOTS OF WATER! Want an extra boost? Make a bunch of sun water and drink it on exceptionally low days to help with your energy and mood levels.

🔹Ground yourself every nightbefore bed to rid yourself of negative energies

🔹Turn your sadness into creativity! Work on pages of your grimoire or book of shadows. Do some witchy DIY’s! Set up a new altar! Make some sigils! Being productive and creative are so helpful when you’re feeling melancholic.

🔹Garden. Spending time in nature and creating something within the earth is not only rewarding, but gardening is actually a de-stressing activity and can soothe your mood. PLUS think of all the herbs you could grow to help with your craft!

🔹Talk to someone. Other witches. Friends. A professional. A hotline. Anyone who is willing to listen. Put that energy out there and it will make a world of difference, I promise.

🔹Let yourself have at least ONE self-care day a week. It doesn’t matter what it entails, as long as you’re taking that time for YOURSELF, magickal or not

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