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The Kitchen Witch part 3

Those who practice folk magic believe that all types of greens represent money, and greens are also linked with fairies, the little people used greens often in their magical practices. Make leak soup to add extra oomph to your magical protection chants, they are also thought to increase physical strength, leeks were eaten by soldiers before they went into battle.

If you add fresh dill weed to lettuce it is thought to attract money and mushrooms are said to heighten psychic awareness. Olives are used as an antidote for stress and are thought to heighten sexual desire. Onions can be eaten for virility, add ginger and cinnamon to them to increase sexual desire.

If you want to keep away evil spirits, chop an onion in half and place it on your window ledge, onions can also be eaten for protection, and you can combine them with other foods containing protective energies for more power. Mix potato and onion, parsley and chives for profound protection, for even greater effect cook and eat during the full moon.

Pumpkin cooked and pumpkin seeds are a fantastic money attractant and for extra oomph you can add cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Radishes can be eaten for protection, rhubarb is used for medicinal purposes, it also tastes delicious with hot custard, eat rhubarb and custard as a wonderful love potion. Seaweed is a protective food for evil spirits, it is also an exceptional health food and is a great addition to a healthy diet.

In Japan soybeans are scattered within homes for good fortune and soy is very good for protection. Tofu is eaten for psychic awareness and heightens spirituality.

To add more prosperity power to your spinach meal add sesame seeds and nutmeg, eat while visualising your money pile growing. Use alfalfa for psychic awareness, use beans for protection, mung bean for spirituality, soy for psychic awareness and protection and sunflower seeds for protection. Squash is fantastic for psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment, it is the perfect food to eat before any magical practices.

Many women who believe in the ancient superstitions eat sunflower seeds for fertility, the seeds are also used for protection, combine with other same energy foods to add more power. If you want to excite sexual desire cook and eat sweet potato it also enhances your ability to give and to receive love.

If you mix dill, basil and cinnamon to tomatoes, you will create a very potent food to attract money, black pepper, bay leaves and rosemary enhance the protective energies in tomatoes.

Truffles are eaten to increase sexual desire, eat a meal with truffles and follow with strawberries for the perfect love dish. Use watercress to strengthen the conscious mind, the Greeks ate watercress to help keep the mind active, watercress is also eaten to promote fertility.

Apples are linked with spirituality and are also used for their protective powers, they are said to increase longevity and enhance physical strength, health and wellbeing. Add cinnamon, ginger and sugar to the humble apple before baking, to add to the love properties contained within. It is also considered auspicious to carve a heart shape into an apple before it is eaten raw. Apricots are imbued with the energy of love and can be cooked, turned into jam, or eaten raw, they are also considered an aphrodisiac. Eat avocado for inner and outer beauty, they are also considered a food of love. Bananas stimulate spirituality, they can be eaten raw or baked in a banana pie, a banana is eaten to enhance the feeling of love.

If you want to increase your sexual desire, eat blackberries raw or baked, while visualising loving moments with a desired one. Eat blueberries for protection and for powerful protection combine with rice. For loving moments prepare, cook and eat cherry pie while focusing on the feeling of beautiful love and loving moments.

Citrus was used to celebrate the wedding of Zeus and Hera the mythological god and goddess, it was thought to keep the bonds of marriage strong and also to enhance physical strength. Pomegranates are the food of love, they are also related to abundance and fertility, it is also considered to be the fruit of luck. Eat fresh raspberries and raspberry jam, or raspberry pie for happiness, protection and love.

For love potions you cannot go past Strawberries and strawberry ice cream, mix together strawberries, raspberries and ice cream and add some chocolate for a powerful love potion.

For protection you can use tangerines and if you want to enhance the power of protection combine it with another protection food. A tangerine in the kitchen is thought to protect the household from evil spirits.

The ancient Egyptians used the juice of the watermelon for health it was also used in a ritual to help the spirit move from one life to the next.

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